NDS integrates smart social media with PADS4 digital signage software

March 3, 2014

Smart digital signage software provider Net Display Systems has announced details of its latest PADS4 software scheduled for release on March 3. This release includes an enormous expansion of social media data providers, the company said.

"In PADS4 Release 4 we introduce an extensive set of new social media features to our customers. With new dedicated data providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, you can now simply include content from social media into your digital signage presentation," NDS CEO Willie-Jan Bons said in an announcement.

"With an even better integration of social media, our customers will have more tools to engage their audience and provide a more personalized experience within their digital signage solution," Bons said. "It's also an inexpensive way to keep your content fresh and up to date."

NDS also has enhanced its control of digital signage networks, and has included a way to respond directly to unexpected events in a digital signage network, the announcement said. Also with this release, customers will automatically be notified of important issues in their digital signage installation via the new PADS4 Agent alerts functionality.

By defining alerts in the PADS4 Agent application, users can specify exactly what situations they wish the system to monitor and how they want to be notified — for example, by e-mail or alarm sound notification.

PADS4 Release 4 also includes Arabic language functionality, SDK documentation and improved performance for large installations with 1,000-plus displays, the company said.

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Companies: Net Display Systems

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