NanoLumens powering digital signage sculpture in corporate HQ

March 19, 2013

Display technology from LED digital signage provider NanoLumens powers "a one-of-a-kind," 5.5-foot-tall by 13-foot-wide "digital sculpture" installed in February at the headquarters of a Fortune 500 company in Indianapolis, according to a release from NanoLumens.

The installation of was the direct result of an intense collaboration between a client receptive to new ideas, a graphic design firm with a big technological vision, a technology consultant with the smarts to execute that vision, and a manufacturer with the technology to provide design-specific digital displays (read: NanoLumens), the company said.

And it's the kind of installation that is likely to only become more common as visual displays become an increasingly important part of large scale commercial design projects, according to Bill Schuerman, senior associate design consultant at Houston, Texas-based HFP Acoustical Consultants, one of the players in the installation.

"We are standing on the threshold of an entirely new era of interior design, and visual displays are at the center of these designs," Schuerman said in the release.

The concept for the NanoLumens digital sculpture came from Hal Kantner at Houston-based HOK Visual Communications, who envisioned a unique display landscape that would allow the client to tell their story in video across the lifesized letters U-S-A. HOK's team of designers then turned to HFP Acoustical Consultants to create the technical specifications and installation design, and NanoLumens was brought in to build the display and make the vision a reality.

Increasingly, innovative digital signage projects require the marriage of an architectural design firm, a technology design firm and a display manufacturer that can build displays to the unique specifications of a never-seen-before design, no matter the size or shape, NanoLumens said in the release. With this type of project becoming more common, HFP is in the midst of transitioning the services it provides from pure AV, architectural acoustics, and industrial acoustic design to include all things technology.

"Working directly with HOK Visual Communications has allowed us to create some amazing graphic designs that include, and are often centered around, modern technology," Schuerman said. "When HOK was developing the U-S-A design for this project, they asked themselves what they could do that hasn't already been done. The result is this sculpture that isn't so much a digital signage display as it is a piece of modern art that is fluid, patriotic and futuristic all at the same time. This project is proof that with NanoLumens, if you can imagine it, they can build it."

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