MRI joins forces with LG for outdoor digital signage

Feb. 14, 2014

Manufacturing Resources International recently announced it has entered into a joint venture agreement with LG Electronics and has formed a new, independent company, called LG-MRI. By combining the technical advances and patented innovations of MRI's BoldVu Outdoor LCD Display products with the global strength of LGE's established sales and service offices, the new company will now be able to offer and support these digital LCD technologies on a wider basis and within new markets and venues that have previously not been fully addressed by either company, according to the announcement.

In addition, the new company will be able to share research and development efforts and co-develop new digital products, systems and services that will be produced either at MRI's 137,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Atlanta or at one of LG's global manufacturing facilities. By manufacturing in the appropriate continent, there is also the opportunity to minimize import tariffs and reduce logistics/transportation costs for LG-MRI customers, the company said.

Bill Dunn, the current CEO/president of MRI and the new chairman of the LG-MRI board, said in the announcement that the new partnership "allows us to now offer products and services on a more cost-effective and consistent basis, with shorter lead-times and with improved quality. We are able to now address new markets with LGE's support and we can expand the use of outdoor and semi-outdoor digital LCD displays for a variety of advertising, wayfinding, promotional and public information applications."

LG-MRI offices will be based in Atlanta, and products will be available through one of the 50-plus LG sales offices on a worldwide basis. The new website will provide information on the BoldVu and BasicVu product lines from 47- to 84-inches in size and related services such as remote monitoring (PerformanceVu) and on-site service (ServiceVu).

Peter Kaszycki, the new president/CEO of LG-MRI said in the announcement that, "With the creation of LG-MRI, we now have the full benefit of the BoldVu product line and extensive feature set such as BrightVu, DynamicVu and the innovative CoolVu system along with the global presence and proven strengths of LGE. This is a combination that will benefit our growing customer base and allow us to better service the expanding digital market."

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