MRI digital signage displays catching the bus in London

Nov. 20, 2011

Atlanta-based Manufacturing Resources International (MRI) recently announced that it has been selected by Clear Chan­nel International (CCI) to provide 100 BoldVu 72-inch Outdoor Digital LCD Displays for their new LD6 premium network in London.

MRI worked with Clear Channel International and the local Clear Channel-UK office to develop this new technology that it said will provide crisp, full-HD advertising at 100 bus shelters in the busiest locations throughout London. Set to launch on Nov. 28, this will be the U.K.'s first digital street furniture network and will deliver more than 10.8 million impressions per week, according to MRI.

MRI VP of Business Development Peter Kaszycki said that the power consumption of an MRI BoldVu Outdoor Digital Display "is significantly lower than any other LCD display on the market, and the ability to provide consistent, 2000 nit brightness over several years further enhanced the ROI calculations for CCI."

The BoldVu 72-inch high-bright PDMs (panel display modules) will be mounted into existing bus shelters in London and will feature a dual-sided design with the full-HD digital LCD display on one side and traditional static advertising on the other. Mounting orientation will be based on pedestrian and traffic flow to maximize impact for each local environment.

The BoldVu displays will provide 2,000 nit luminance for optimum viewability in direct sunlight and will maintain this luminance level for 30,000 hours via the BrightVu feature, according to MRI. They will also feature MRI's new Dynam­icVu technology which adjusts the LED backlight brightness every 4 milliseconds based on actual content being displayed at that given moment. This feature dramatically reduces power consumption and prolongs the life of the unit, which is extremely important in the European markets.

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