MRI adds LifeVu for a decade of outdoor digital signage

Dec. 12, 2012

Outdoor Digital LCD Displays are a significant up-front investment for most companies. Many of these displays are used for advertising or promotional campaigns and are normally associated with a 5-, 10- or even a 20-year contract that a company may have with a given city, municipality or transit venue, according to display maker Manufacturing Resources International.

Accordingly, they must factor in not only the up-front cost for this equipment but also the typical life-cycle of the equipment before it needs to refurbished or replaced within the term of the contract. To address this issue, MRI recently introduced a new product/design feature called LifeVu that it says provides for an extended usable life-cycle of 10 years under normal Outdoor usage.

MRI's new Generation 7 BoldVu 72-inch series and Generation 5 BoldVu 55-inch series now include LifeVu and the company's improved BrightVu features as standard.


  • Provides "Usable" life cycle of 10-plus years
  • Based on operation up to 24/7 in temperatures up to 50°C in direct sunlight
  • Allows for technology upgrades as needed / desired:
  • Player, drive, modem, router, etc
  • SAM, or Service Access Module, design for easy upgrades
  • Next-generation LCD technology
  • 110°C Hi-temp LCD rating
  • Improved Polarizer
  • Next-generation LED technology
  • 22 percent more efficient and cooler than previous style
  • Color saturation increases from 76 percent to 85 percent
  • Utilizes MRI's patented CoolVu thermal management system.


  • Provides constant brightness over 40,000 hours
  • 10 years of constant brightness based on 9 hours/day at full brightness (average is 8.6 hours)
  • Maintains 2,000 nit brightness without fading over time or with temperature changes
  • Ambient light sensors for auto-adjustment to optimum viewability
  • Includes interface/controller modules and multiple temperature sensors
  • Integrated fan system to provide consistent air flow across LCD surface

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Topics: Display Technology , Hardware , Outdoor Signage

Companies: LG-MRI

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