MMD announces new lineup of glasses-free 3-D displays from Philips

Jan. 4, 2012

MMD, the exclusive marketer and reseller for Philips-branded LCD monitors and commercial signage displays worldwide, announced today a new line of no-glasses 3D displays with autostereoscopic technology, the 23-inch BDL23301VS, 42-inch BDL4251VS and 55-inch BDL5571VS.

Developed in conjunction with no-glasses 3D technology company Dimenco, the new displays can achieve up to 28 viewing angles via lenticular technology. With this technology, audiences are able to see the best quality around objects from the standing spot in front of the display itself. The companies said that, with the widest 3-D viewing angle available in the market today and the ability to change the optimal viewing distance of the no-glasses 3-D displays, audiences will benefit from an even more memorable visual experience.

"With more and more screens all competing for your attention, this is the one that stands out from the crowd with a deep and truly stunning 3-D experience," said Craig Rathbun, sales and marketing director of MMD North America, in the announcement.

The no-glasses 3-D display line can play both 2-D and 3-D (2-D+Z) images and videos, making it extremely flexible as a digital signage tool. The integrated Dimenco rendering core that works with the Dimenco interface format not only gives both content creators and end users full control of the depth-effect characteristics of their 3-D images, but also offers simple creation of eye-catching 3-D content. The BDL4251VS has already received a nomination for the 2012 Technology InAVation Awards. MMD will be demonstrating this technology at CES 2012 January 10-13, 2012, at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

The new Philips no-glasses 3-D display line include the following features:

  • Screen Sizes: 23-inch, 42-inch, 55-inch Smart Insert (42-, 55-inches) Smart Power (23-, 42-, 55-inches)
  • Brightness: 700cd/m2 (42-, 55-inches)
  • Autostereoscopic: 28 views
  • Viewing Angle: 140 degrees
  • Professional-grade LCD Panel with 24/7 duty cycle performance
  • Full digital connectivity with HDMI and DVI-DRS-232C multi display port (42-, 55-inches)
  • Landscape orientations
  • Network Control and Communication allows the highest level of remote display
  • 24/7 scheduler with real-time clock

The Philips 23-inch BDL23301VS and 42-inch BDL4251VS will be available in January 2012, and the 55-inch BDL5571VS in February 2012 through all MMD business partners.

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Companies: Philips Signage Solutions

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