MediaSignage offers free digital signage software for beginners

Jan. 31, 2014

MediaSignage Inc., a provider of entry-level and enterprise digital signage software and hardware, today announced the release of SignageStudio Lite, a signage software solution for beginners in digital signage and digital menu boards. The solution, which has been released under the open GNU V3 license, provides campaign and content building resources for creating digital signage without the complexities inherent in many of today's enterprise solutions, the company said.

The latest beta release, which was initially presented to existing clients, has been well-received and adopted quickly, according to the announcement, which said the company's developers have received feedback and insights from the initial release. Like its "Pro" counterpart, the SignageStudio Lite is offered for free. In addition, users are able to either purchase digital signage players from the company website or are encouraged to bring their own device. And, since the product is cross-OS, it means users are not beholden to a single hardware product or operating system, the company said, opening up a wide range of possibilities for signage and self-service kiosk applications.

"We're confident this latest release is aligned perfectly with our strategy for expansion and further solidifies the quality of our solution in the eyes of our current and future customers," MediaSignage President Nate Nead said in the announcement. "The release is also a first step in a long line of future features that we're intent on including in the software over the coming months."

MediaSignage's flagship enterprise digital signage software product is available for $99 per month and features full white-label and reseller tools for unlimited screen and sub-user access from any location around the world, the company said.

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