Malaysian cities banish printed banners for large-scale digital signage deployments

Nov. 28, 2012

The Malaysian cities of Kuala Lumpur or Penang are seeing the traditional printed banners on lampposts, once common, being replaced with a colorful digital signage network. The network comes courtesy of Alunan Matrik, a Malaysian-owned company that developed the hardware and software.

According to AM, Malaysia has the highest car ownership per capita of any nation in Asia. Traffic jams are common, thus the proliferation of signs and billboards on lampposts trying to capture drivers' attention. Unfortunately, many of those signs and banners were illegal, unreadable or just unsightly.

With its new OOHM! network (which stands for Out-Of-Home Media), local councils are able to get rid of printed banners altogether. Now, AM delivers the same ad on each screen simultaneously, cycling through ads every 20 secs. Each display has a maximum of 20 slots.

The idea has proven so popular that AM had sold out of half of its available inventory with exclusive year-long deals with large brands like Shell, Prudential Assurance and Samsung.

"We believe that the only success of a technology innovation lies in the profitability of deployment," said Kenn Yamm, AM's CEO. "So our innovation is to amalgamate the latest technologies and coming up with innovative ways to deploy such technologies to be commercially viable."

AM said the next step is the launch of a mobile app, OOHM!Live, that will let customers and the public actually engage with the advertisements in real-time.

"Outdoor media needs a more effective way of measurement and the consumers are getting more mobile everyday," Yamm said. "So by going SoLoMo, we are integrating Social media to enable real-time engagement for customers and clients alike. That way, everyone can get the best info and seize the time to market effectively."

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