Les Mousquetaires launches retail digital signage TV channel

Nov. 8, 2012

French retail group Les Mousquetaires has launched an in-store TV channel based on the digital signage software solution Media4Display to animate the digital communications for their Intermarché stores, according to an announcement from Media4Display's French software publisher, Telelogos. The creation of this TV channel dedicated to the retail outlets is a way to harmonize the brand's digital communication, while boosting its national and local sales offers, the company said.

In September, the directors of communication at Les Mousquetaires Group began deploying the TV channel to 300 of its Intermarché points of sale in France. The digital signage solution chosen for this project contains screens from Samsung, HP PC Players, and Media4Display software from Telelogos. The installation and maintenance will be carried out by the company Intellicast.

The screens will be installed in customer service areas, check-out lines, and traditional food aisles. For this project, the communication department of the group made two strategic choices: first, to manage the content of the TV channel itself in order not to depend on advertising companies and remain in complete control of its communication; and second, to select and test all hardware and software for their installation.

Two major conditions were set in the call for tender:

  • Providing a single centralized platform to let the communication group create and operate its programs on the national TV channel; and
  • Respecting the independence of members by ensuring access to the platform to let them drive their own specific local communication.

The Media4Display digital signage software meets these criteria, offering the possibility for both the Communication Department and each store to set up, via a WYSIWYG (or, "what you see is what you get") web interface, the broadcast of national or local digital content (commercial offers, local events, weather, etc.).

"Being able to hand over the management and control of digital content to our members has been decisive in the selection of the software," said Morgan Allennou of the communications department of Les Mousquetaires Group.

In addition, the software also allows interacting with applications and data sources of the group's information system (CRM, inventory management, planning, business intelligence applications, etc.) to distribute content updated in real time and ensure personalization of messages. Thus, the TV channel content is automatically adapted to the characteristics of each store.

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