InfoComm11: Visix unveiling new digital signage trio (Video)

June 13, 2011

Digital signage software provider Visix Inc., recently announced that it would demonstrate its new Announce content management software, Power over Ethernet room sign and WayPointT interactive wayfinding products, as well as the latest version of its flagship product — AxisTV digital signage software — at this year's InfoComm at the corner of the Digital Signage Pavilion.

Announce: Visix will unveil Announce Version 1.0, its new digital signage content management application, at the event. Announce provides powerful-but-friendly desktop design tools running within a Web browser with robust media management tools, animated templates and themes, and extensive data mapping and scripting tools.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Room Sign: The PoE is part of the company's MeetingMinderT interactive room sign line which allows playback of room schedules along with dynamic media and messages. The 15-inch PoE interactive display allows a single Ethernet cable to supply both power and data to the room sign, addressing concerns of both physical concealment and AC proximity for power bricks.

WayPointT Interactive Wayfinding: WayPointT combines interactive wayfinding with digital signage communications for a one-stop information center. This bundled solution combines selected content modules in layouts customized with the client's logo, colors and branding. Content modules include message playlists, Google Maps and auto-updating news, weather and RSS feeds.

"InfoComm is the biggest event of the year for us," Visix President Sean Matthews said in the announcement. "We not only exhibit our products, but we use this as an opportunity to thank our clients and resellers, and to continue our dialogue with customers about digital signage technologies and trends. It's a great forum for us to learn what clients want in digital signage content management so that we can incorporate that feedback into our development plans."

Watch Matthews and Visix staffers give demos of the new digital signage trio of products in the video below:

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