InfoComm11: BrightSign CEO talks smartphone/digital signage interaction

June 14, 2011

Today's consumer expect their product information, specials, coupons to be fresh, lively, timely and on their smartphone at the point of display or point of sale, BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings told an audience at InfoComm 2011 today in Orlando, Fla., according to a release from BrightSign.

Hastings spoke at the audiovisual communications conference highlighting technology, solutions, and education, telling attendees that consumers expect more from retailers and their partners.

"High-quality, highly-connective content needs to closely tie with mobile marketing efforts to provide strong branding and informative/interactive product demos," he said. "Content may be king, but meshing with customer goals delivers satisfaction on both sides of the retail counter."

Hastings pointed out that consumers are willing to opt-in with their smartphones to receive discounts and offers, according to the release. "We've seen retailers increase sales threefold when SMS texting is tied to in-store digital signage," he said.

During his presentation Hastings also spelled out the importance of good screen layouts and highlighted a number of successful implementations. He also discussed how interactivity, synchronization and portable digital display units can not only draw consumers into the retail establishment but also keep them there longer and have them leave with a more positive image of the store.

Topics: Mobile Interactivity , Retail , Software

Companies: BrightSign

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