Indoor Billboard Advertising Association partners with Mvix for JV DOOH ad network

April 11, 2014

HD digital signage solution provider Mvix announced it has partnered with the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association to offer an affordable digital signage solution to its members. Since 1998, the IBAA has served as an information clearinghouse, promotional arm and regulatory agency for advertising companies throughout the U.S. and Canada, according to the announcement.

"We are excited to be able to support the digital out-of-home advertising industry by being a part of the IBAA," Mvix Director of Business Relations A. Jay said in the announcement. "As we continue to work with IBAA members, we hope to help promote the concept of dynamic digital signage in the indoor advertising space."

As part of the new joint venture, Mvix will provide a fully-managed, end-to-end solution to advertisers and agencies to establish a dynamic digital advertising network. "By minimizing upfront capital, functional and technical requirements, this network could offer significantly high ROI to ad agencies," Jay said. Details of this new digital signage solution will be unveiled at the upcoming IBAA Annual Conference, May 15 and 16 in Las Vegas.

"With many IBAA Member companies looking for a cost-effective solution to add digital technology to their offerings, Mvix's innovative joint-venture solution is a potential game changer in our industry," IBAA Executive Director John Koenig said in the announcement. "The digital signage solutions proposed by Mvix will provide member firms with an opportunity to help modernize indoor advertising products. Ability to provide dynamic ad space, monitor and update content remotely over the network, and proof of play reports are features of significant interest to our member firms and their advertising clients."

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