Formetco releases new CMS software for digital billboards

Jan. 17, 2013

Digital billboard provider Formetco has released PrimeVue 2, the latest software upgrade for the company's F4X Electronic Message Center signs, according to a company announcement.

PrimeVue 2 allows customers to create, schedule and manage a variety of messages for their sign and was custom designed by Formetco's software developers to run specifically on Formetco's EMC signs.

"We are very excited about the introduction of our new PrimeVue 2 software," said Jeff Frazier, director of EMC sales at Formetco. "This software was designed specifically for our Formetco F4X Visual Pixel EMC and allows our users to be as creative with their messages, images and animations as their artistic minds will allow. It's easy to use and takes just minutes to create and schedule dynamic messages."

The PrimeVue 2 software has features that allow customers the flexibility to quickly import video files; display the current date, time and temperature; choose from a variety of font and format options; select multiple layering animation effects; and add transitional slide properties, the company said. Users are also able to set custom dwell times per individual slide and set up either simple or complex schedules depending on their needs. The software is compatible with all Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers.

"Having been in the EMC business for over 10 years, I'm excited to roll out this new software to my customers. PrimeVue 2 is a fantastic way for my customers to create their own compelling messages easily in just a few minutes," said Dave Zahand of Mon Valley Signs, in the announcement. "I'm in the business of selling these fantastic advertising machines, and the missing key until now was powerful content. The signs look great with professional-quality graphics, and that's really important to my customers; giving them the tools to easily create great messages in just a few minutes is a great selling tool."

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