FitSignage 'plug-and-play' digital signage solution to launch at ISE13

Jan. 29, 2013

User interface technology specialist andersDX has launched the FitSignage "plug-and-play" digital signage solution at this year's Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam, Netherlands. FitSignage was developed for projects that call for a small number of screens in a few locations, and intended for applications ranging from point-of-sale advertising and digital menu boards to trade show signs and public safety information displays.

FitSignage systems are powered by the Fit PC3, an ultra-small (19cm x 16cm x 4cm) and ultra-low-power fanless PCs with WireSpring’s FireCast EasyStart signage management software. This combination of industrial grade hardware with no moving parts and features such as auto power resume, combined with feature-rich, easy-to-use software, enables signage systems designed for 24/7 unattended use to be set up, mounted behind a display and loaded with content in a matter of minutes, and with energy consumption as low as 10 Watts, electricity bills can be significantly reduced as well, the company said.

Supporting almost all commonly used file types for videos, pictures, news updates, web pages and live TV content, FitSignage uses simple drag-and-drop tools that allow screens to be split into zones offering different content for either viewing only or for touch interaction. Built-in templates eliminate the need for graphics skills, while pre-loaded images and stock animations, ticker tapes and RSS live feeds can be used to quickly create a professional and compelling look and feel.

FitSignage is offered in two variations, supporting either single or dual display support, with one single, lifetime cost and with no recurring maintenance, support, upgrades costs or hosting fees and no expensive servers or authoring tools, the company said.

Through EasyStart, content can be easily updated from a Web browser, enabling remote updates of time-sensitive messages and promotions. The browser-based update capability also allows management of multiple signs from a single location.

"In recent years we have seen a growing number of customers turn to tiny green fanless PCs such as the fit PC3 family for dependable, low-power, 24/7 digital signage," andersDX CEO Rob Anders said in the announcement. "With FitSignage we are combining all the benefits of these PCs with software that enables rapid, out-of-box, plug-and-play deployment."

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