DSE13: Scala and Samsung partner for Smart digital signage

Feb. 28, 2013

The just-announced Scala Enterprise Content Manager is fully integrated with the new Samsung Smart Signage Platform to deliver a turnkey next-generation digital signage solution, according to an announcement from digital signage software provider Scala.

Scala and Samsung formally launched the initiative with an interactive demo of their solution at Integrated Systems Europe in January. They also are showcasing the collaboration at this week's Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

According to Scala, some of the collaboration's benefits include:

  • Simple installation and configuration;
  • No external playback device required;
  • Reduced total cost of ownership;
  • Direct connection to Scala Enterprise Content Manager over HTTP;
  • Full-screen playback of images, videos, templates and other content; and 
  • Heartbeat and error reporting, increased network stability.

This complete integration of The Samsung Smart Signage Platform and Scala Enterprise Content Manager enables centralized control and management of one device, or up to thousands of devices. The ease of setup and minimized expense of the hardware, coupled with the new user experience, improved workflows and drag-and-drop capabilities of the software are intended to make it easier than ever for companies to adopt digital signage as part of their omni-channel marketing strategies and corporate communication initiatives. With Scala Enterprise Content Manager, deployers also get 24/7 monitoring of the health of Samsung's internal player and the media being displayed.

Scala enables users to leverage content from myriad data sources including weather, news, RSS, social media and other external feeds. For retailers, Scala iS combines predictive analytics with adaptive learning algorithms to deliver targeted messaging to Samsung's Smart Signage Platform.

This system can digest data (e.f., point-of-sale data, customer loyalty card information, marketing calendars, customer in-store dwell times, de-identified gender and age-group detection, location and time-based digital signage playlist schedules or external information such as weather or gas prices) from many different, readily available sources. Scala iS finds patterns and establishes relationships in deployers' data to help determine the most effective messaging, the company said.

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform is built on an embedded high-performance media player featuring a dual-core CPU, a choice of 4GB or 8GB of storage and a full codec video processor. Total cost of ownership with this combination of technologies is approximately 25 percent lower than comparable setups, according to Samsung, which also said the Smart Signage Platform uses 15 percent less power than a comparable traditional digital signage setup. Samsung developed the platform for organizations transitioning from static signage to digital display.

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