DSE: Symon Communications launches a different approach to 3D digital signage

Feb. 28, 2010

Symon Communications, a global provider of visual communication and digital signage solutions, showed its new Symon LiveView display at the Digital Signage Expo tradeshow and conference in Las Vegas last week.

Symon LiveView is a virtual 3D display that uses patented optical technology to present digital content in eye-catching and lifelike fashion without the need for 3D glasses or special production equipment.

Because of its design, Symon LiveView's content creation costs are much lower than traditional 3D technologies and in most cases are equal to the cost of 2D content production. Symon LiveView customers need only have Symon's Design Studio software and industry standard content creation tools to create a very compelling 3D experience out of 2D content.

Symon LiveView is targeted at any consumer-facing industry that wants to have their message stand out and be noticed. The hospitality, gaming and retail industries are prime candidates for Symon LiveView, as each industry has special messages or products that, if noticed, can generate significant revenue.

"Imagine a jewelry retailer who has an expensive diamond setting that they want noticed. With Symon LiveView, the setting would appear to almost jump out of the screen," said Steve Gurley, Symon's vice president of marketing. "I believe that the uniqueness of this experience alone would be enough to entice the retailer's customer to request to see the real product."

Symon LiveView works by presenting two-dimensional (2D) content on a high-brightness, high-definition LCD monitor. It then uses a special beam-splitting glass that is positioned in front of the monitor to reflect a décor-specific pattern that is installed in a customizable fixture that is situated above the viewer's head. The reflection of the pattern on the beam splitting glass creates the perception of depth and makes the 2D content look almost alive.

Symon LiveView can be purchased with an optional touchscreen display that can be attached to the front of the LiveView display. This screen, if installed, allows viewers to choose or interact with the content that is presented on the LiveView screen. The content for both screens and the interactive elements on the touch screen are all designed and controlled by Symon's Enterprise Suite of software products.

Symon LiveView display can also be purchased with an optional stand. This stand can be built with finishes to accommodate and complement almost any décor.

Volume shipments of the Symon LiveView display and its optional stand will begin in April 2010.

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