DSE 2012: NEC shows touch, projectors and a little graffiti

March 20, 2012

At this year's Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, NEC Display Solutions showed off new displays, touch solutions and its high-end projectors for digital signage.

Some of the products have yet to be officially announced by the company, like its new X463UN, which is basically a 46-inch version of its X551UN 55-inch touch display. The direct-lit LED-backlit display complies with Intel Corp.'s Open Pluggable Specifications; features 1080p; and also double digital loop-through, with both DVI and DisplayPort, according to NEC Senior Product Specialist Ben Hardy.

One of the attention-getters at the NEC booth was its virtual graffiti video wall, featuring the company's X551UIN 55-inch displays in a three-by-three video wall configuration. Using Monster Media-built content, the video wall allowed show attendees to pick their spray paint, both in color and in the width of the spray, to decorate the wall. The video wall was a multi-touch wall, using laser optics to sense when objects broke a certain plane in front of the display — so the display didn't have to actually be touched for the "touch" to be sensed.

NEC highlighted its use of direct-lit, not edge-lit LED backlighting, to provide richer picture, and the fact that LED backlighting results in lower power consumption for a lower overall total cost of ownership and is mercury-free and therefore more environmentally friendly.

The company also showcased its not-yet-announced V651-Touch display, an NEC multi-touch display using four 2-megapixel cameras and IR for optical imaging of the touch points. The up-to-six-touch multitouch display also features double anti-reflective protective glass. According to Hardy, most touch glass reflects about 8-9 percent of ambient light, but the double AR glass in the new panel will reflect less than 1 percent.

Also, NEC's PX750U, a single-chip DLP projector, displayed content on a flat screen using the 3M Vicuity film, which Hardy called "unbelievable" for its display capabilities. The projector was delivering its content from its OPS-compliant player, and Hardy said all of NEC's higher-end projectors are now OPS-compliant as well.

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