DOOH-mobile network upgrade for Mac's Milk & City of Calgary

Jan. 12, 2012

Multiplatform advertising solution firm iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. today announced an update to its digital signage networks located in the Mac's Milk chain of convenience stores across Canada, and in City of Calgary municipal buildings.

ISIGN's Interactive Marketing Solution 3.1 software has been successfully uploaded to all Mac's Milk locations, totalling more than 1,400 stores across Canada and to 37 locations totalling 76 digital signs in the City of Calgary's municipal buildings.

The company's antennas have also been installed in approximately 500 Mac's Milk locations and to 41 of the digital signs located within the City of Calgary. The Company expects that it will have completed installations into an additional 500 Mac's Milk locations by mid-February 2012 and that the remaining 400 locations at Mac's Milk and 35 locations in the City of Calgary will have antennas installed by the end of February 2012.

During the month of December 2011, iSIGN's IMS 3.1 software logged approximately 305,000 mobile devices within the digital signage network in the City of Calgary's municipal recreation buildings, with a count of approximately 8,000 unique devices, for an average daily count of approximately 10,000 devices logged and 268 unique devices.

"Having our IMS 3.1 software and antennas installed within the full network will allow us to expand our metric gathering trials and testing using Intel's Anonymous Video Analytics to deliver a more detailed and complete business intelligence report for advertisers, as well as for other retailers," said iSIGN CEO Alex Romanov in the announcement. "Eventually, we will be able to deliver location-specific information in terms of numbers of shoppers in each store as well as in the immediate vicinity."

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