Digital signage SaaS firm launches Android media player

Dec. 3, 2012

Software-as-a-service firm NoviSign Digital Signage has introduced an Android-based media player for digital signage, according to a company announcement.

According to NoviSign Digital Signage CEO Gil Matzliah, by using NoviSign's technology, an inexpensive Android-based device (Android box or stick) can operate in lieu of a more expensive conventional media player. With Wi-Fi support on the site where the screen is located, the Android box receives the NoviSign software link to transport the playlist deployers create on the NoviSign website, broadcasting it to deployers' screens.

"We are seeing more and more small businesses remotely manage their digital signage," Matzliah said in the announcement. "Moreover, combining this with the use of the newly introduced Android players, the dropping prices of display, and Novisign's easy-to-use signage software enables small businesses to set up one to five screens in the most cost effective way. I believe we will see this trend gaining real momentum in the coming year or so. "

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