Christie digital signage helping fight crime in Dallas

July 27, 2012

Visual display solutions provider Christie recently deployed a 72-unit video wall made up of the company's MicroTiles cubes to the Dallas Police Department's 24/7 Fusion Center.

Arranged in a 6-unit-by-12-unit configuration, the MicroTiles display is part of the Center's comprehensive technology upgrade to help fight crime in the City of Dallas and to gather and share intelligence information with state-level and Federal Homeland Security officials.

In 2010, the Dallas Police Department, with major funding from Homeland Security, upgraded its training and special event operations room into a new state-of-the-art Fusion Center, merging information from separate Dallas Police Department Fusion Center911 center, city wide surveillance cameras, tracking systems and investigative analytical databases to improve functionality and response times.

Equipped with new consoles, a SMART Board, intelligent switching capability and visualizing data from more than 25 sources, the Dallas Police Department, through AV solutions provider Whitlock, turned to Christie for its visual technology.

"We recommended Christie MicroTiles for their exceptional image quality in brightness, contrast and color reproduction," said Scott Creevy, senior account executive with Whitlock. "The MicroTiles also offer a low cost of operation and a long track record of reliability, which made them the perfect choice for the Fusion Center."

As a result of the technology integration, up to 27 Fusion analysis detectives per day work more effectively with the added ability to monitor a comprehensive common operating picture displayed on the MicroTiles wall in real-time, according to the announcement.

"The facility operates 24/7 so we needed a video wall that was high resolution, durable and low maintenance," said Paul Schuster, senior corporal and special projects coordinator of the Dallas Police Department. "Our detectives monitor close to 100 cameras all around the city, including officer locations, calls and national live events, so the Dallas Police Department needed a video wall that could help us maintain our 24-hour operation. Christie MicroTiles do just that, while lowering the cost of operations."

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown credits the Fusion Center, its technology and other new initiatives for reducing crime in Dallas for the eighth consecutive year. "It's about policing smarter, using the information and technology that is available to outsmart the criminal element."

Fusion Center Commander Lt. Thomasson said the Fusion Center's advanced technology helps the department fight crime more intelligently in the City of Dallas.

"Our detectives have quicker access to information that can be shared responsibly with one another, with other departments and with the patrol officers working the streets."

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