CAYIN looking at key digital signage trends at ISE14

Jan. 8, 2014

Taipei, Taiwan-based CAYIN Technology Co. Ltd. announced it is set to showcase its new digital signage players embedded with an upgraded SMP-NEO software system at this year's ISE show in Amsterdam. At the show, CAYIN also plans to demonstrate what it sees as four key digital signage trends in 2014.

According to the company, connecting to people in a more innovative and engaging way is the main purpose of deploying digital signage. CAYIN asks, how can people get more involved through digital signage, and how can end-users take advantage of digital signage to enhance daily communications?

In answer, the company said it will highlight these trends at ISE:

User-friendly content development is essential

Good content can both successfully captivate the target audience and enhance the value of digital signage, the company said. In order to allow the user to easily manage and create digital content, CAYIN said it has designed a new intuitive user interface with a simple content development tool (Skin Editor), which makes the content creation more flexible and easy to use. To increase the possibility of creative content development, CAYIN's multimedia playback can now support 1080p Full HD video, Flash, HTML5 and various types of digital content. Moreover, the company's library and cloud resources are also ready to provide users with a wide range of materials for free.

Interactive digital signage is catching on

These days, people are more used to relying on their mobile devices to collect information and communicate with the world. Using mobile devices to interact with digital signage is truly a great way to engage customers, the company said, so at the show it will showcase how users can get instant access to information on their smartphones or tablets by scanning QR codes and further interacting with digital signage directly through mobile devices.

Data and live information leverages communications

Knowing the high degree of connection between the Internet and people's daily lives, CAYIN said it provides a wide spectrum of options for users to present live information and live video on screens. Users can retrieve real-time Web content, including Twitter, currency rates, weather and many more data points. Retrieving specific sections on a Web page is also allowed, removing the need to key in the data manually. If users want to stream live video, there are also three types of live video sources available for users based on different project requirements: local input, LAN and WAN.

Analytics becomes more and more important

Analytics-driven digital signage can be a great help, not only for advertisers to manage their budget and evaluate their ROI, but also for marketers to collect insights that help them provide relevant content at the right place and at the right time, the company said. CAYIN provides advanced software SuperMonitor 3 and SuperReporter 2, which can meet the needs of learning important data from digital signage and further provide a better chance for marketers to boost their marketing opportunities, it said.

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