CAYIN loading up for Infocomm Asia

Oct. 25, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan — CAYIN announced today that it will introduce more in-depth digital signage integrations for emerging vertical markets at next month's Infocomm Asia 2010.

At Infocomm Asia 2010, scheduled for Nov. 17-19 in Hong Kong, CAYIN says it will partner up with selected system integrators from Taiwan to showcase complete digital signage solutions in sports, corporate communications, environmental monitoring, and 3G and GPS applications.

CAYIN Digital Signage and Sports Game System

HeimaVista's sports game system can automatically present the schedule, scoreboard, and rank diagram of each sport. The master website collects all data from each sport system, so that spectators can track contestants online during the live event. Well integrated with CAYIN SMP-WEB series players, the system flexibly presents up-to-date and Internet-accessible information on digital signage screens located throughout the sports venue.

CAYIN Digital Signage and Corporate Announcement System

NewSoft Technology releases an announcement system for corporate use to create and manage announcements. The system integrates with CAYIN SMP-WEB series players and provides more functions especially designed for corporate communications such as predesigned templates, electronic authentication, a digital bulletin board system, weather, etc.

CAYIN Digital Signage and Environmental Monitoring System

Idea Technology integrates CAYIN's SMP digital signage players with its Multi-Functional Monitoring System to indicate environmental conditions in confined or semi-confined spaces on screens. With Idea's system, screens can not only convey dynamic multimedia content, but also inform audiences of crucial environment indices, such as temperature, humidity, voltage, electric current, etc.

CAYIN Digital Signage and 3G, GPS, Google Maps

CAYIN's SMP-WEB series digital signage players can integrate with 3G and GPS technology to provide mobile and place-based solutions. Players installed in moving vehicles can play back content based on location. Administrators can also locate each player on Google Maps and instantly have an idea of the overall connection status of all players.

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