Aroma Espresso sales boosted through YCD digital merchandising

May 11, 2008
In a memorable scene from the movie Minority Report, Tom Cruise's character walks into The Gap at the local mall and automatically has his eye scanned, prompting an advertisement that speaks to him directly, offering relevant suggestions about items he might be interested in purchasing during his visit.
While in-store advertising isn't scanning eyeballs just yet, YCD has created something similar with an in-store media solution that combines leading-edge technology with media services for retail shoppers, restaurant diners and more.
Major brands have realized the importance of connecting with their consumers during their shopping experiences. With the use of point-of-sale techniques that figure out what a person is purchasing and adjust advertising accordingly, companies are able to provide their customers with relevantly targeted advertising that customers actually welcome rather than shun.
Case study: Since Aroma Espresso Bar began using YCD's cash display screen, the chain has experienced a 25-35 percent overall sales increase. Furthermore, Aroma has experienced a sales increase in the following categories:
• 70 percent increase on promoted desserts • 30 percent increase on promoted flavored mineral water • 50 percent increase on coffee and cake promotions
Aroma is an international espresso chain with over 80 locations in Israel, New York City, and Toronto, Canada. Aroma uses YCD's digital media solution to increase revenue with point of sale, deliver a coherent brand experience, and provide customers with on-site entertainment. The cash display screens provide Aroma with a direct promotional channel that can be easily measured.
The company: YCD is a leading provider of digital in-store media solutions. YCD's solutions, distributed through its direct sales team and its global network of integrators, allow its customers worldwide to integrate and manage hundreds of customized audio and video channels through a single Web-based interface, across hundreds or even thousands of locations.
YCD has worked with some of the world's most recognizable brands including McDonald's, ALDO, Ikea, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Heineken, Toyota, Hilton and Sheraton, fusing audio and video content to produce a peerless, immersive customer experience.

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