AOTO deploys 8K LED display at London Waterloo station

Feb. 26, 2014

LED display provider AOTO recently had one of its 8K LED displays deployed in London's Waterloo railway station, according to an announcement from the company. The Waterloo sign, which stretches across the whole station hall, is the largest indoor LED display in the U.K., the company said. The display was independently developed and manufactured by AOTO, and AOTO's U.K. team provides the service.

AOTO LED sign in London Waterloo station

Audi, the sign's exclusive advertiser, is taking advantage of the display's strengths with an "Audi Dashboard" that features live statistics and contextual messages about "One day in the life of Waterloo" — a series of quirky station facts which are compared to the Audi range. (For example, "31,451 cups of coffee bought; if this was petrol, you could drive an Audi A3 to the moon.")

And with a real-time LED control system, the display also features a Twitter feed to keep commuters entertained and allow them to participate in the conversation on the LED display.

London Waterloo station is one of the main transportation centers in U.K., with nearly 2 million commuters every week, AOTO said.

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