Amscreen partners with Quividi for face-detection in DOOH

April 10, 2013

European digital media network owner Amscreen has partnered with audience measurement firm Quividi to use Qividi's face-tracking technology for audience measurement.

According to a news release, Amscreen, which claims an audience of more than 50 million weekly viewers via more than 6,000 screens, will use face-tracking across its portfolio of advertising-supported networks.

Amscreen has run trials on the technology for the past year and will work with Quividi to roll it out across networks. The trial phase helped optimize both screen position and content to drive maximum engagement, Amscreen said, with the latest data showing that 94 percent of shoppers view on-screen content while they're in a store.

The company already possessed extensive audience data, based on site-specific transactions, according to the release, including site-by-site and hour-by-hour audience insight and up-to-the minute play-out reporting. The Quividi addition will make those offerings more accountable and flexible, the release added, with the breakdown of data by gender, age, date, time and volume enabling brands to pinpoint a target audience and talk directly to them.

Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar said the company's goal is to optimize advertiser campaigns and reduce waste while debunking the idea that Outdoor can't be ultimately measurable and transparent. "We're now single-mindedly focused on helping the industry deliver the type of insight that only online has previously been able to achieve," he said in the release. "We are all aware that the media industry as a whole is moving more and more toward real-time planning and audience measurement and away from traditional modeled audience metrics. Hence, we are now placing significant investment and resource on delivering this kind of depth of insight. Through access to extensive site and audience data from our network partners and our own detailed research studies, we already have actual audience data by screen by hour."

Quividi CEO Olivier Duizabo said Amscreen is taking forward-thinking steps. "Their decision to standardize audience measurement on their networks with face-detection technology is a great move for the ecosystem: Digital out-of-home and digital place-based media will continue to grow faster as advertisers gain better understanding of their true return on investment," he said.

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