A 'Quantum Leap' for digital signage

Jan. 18, 2011

The Navori QL digital-signage software suite set to debut at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe trade show makes playing broadcast-quality video possible even on low-cost PCs, according to an announcement from the company.

Navori's QL software suite uses the Swiss company's proprietary graphics rendering engine to optimize how computers play out full HD video and other rich media. QL enables high-end content features that have been limited, until now, to the complicated, expensive specialty software and hardware of broadcast vendors.

"We invested the time and resources to introduce a solution that makes even a $350 PC capable of playing back flawless, seamless HD programming with banners, titling, transparency and overlays of unprecedented quality," Navori International SA Chairman Jerome Moeri said in the announcement. "We offer a true Broadcast TV experience, a face lift for the digital signage medium that was overdue."

Navori said its QL media playback engine has frame by frame video accuracy down to 1/30th of a second. The momentary black gaps common to most systems when playing back-to-back videos are gone using QL. If required, those gaps would need to be designed and programmed back in.

Navori's QL brand is the short form of "Quantum Leap," which company representatives said reflects the magnitude of enhancements to its platform.

Navori QL's highlights include:

  • Broadcast sophistication: QL makes media cropping, titling and perfect transitions look great on even entry-level PCs;
  • Multi-screen power: Running Intel's i7 processor, it is technically possible to drive discrete, full HD content to as many as 12 screens driven from a single playback unit;
  • Flexibility: QL's user interface has the breadth of a native Windows desktop application, but is delivered via web browser, with a friendly WYSYWYG operator experience;
  • Integrated creative toolset: The simple-to-use, web-based template designer is as powerful as any stand-alone application;
  • Learned in minutes: Casual and non-technical users can be trained in minutes, while getting to expert-level takes no more than four hours (other platforms need two and three-day courses);
  • Dynamic: Sophisticated content automation – like data-driven menu boards and hotel and conference messaging – is simply managed by the Navori Web Designer, with no coding skills required;
  • Comprehensive: Organizing and managing multiple groups of players is easy, and dozens of variations on user access rights can be defined;
  • A la carte pricing: Customers can now purchase only those software features – from enhanced graphics to detailed management tools – when and if they are needed;
  • Multi-standard: Windows, Linux and Mac users all have access to the system.

Launching at ISE 2011

The official launch of Navori QL is at the massive Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show  Feb. 1-3 in Amsterdam. Navori will demonstrate the product and meet customers, partners and resellers at booth 12E82.

Navori QL's North American launch will take place three weeks later Feb. 22-125 at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas with a product demo and meeting area at booth 2028.

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