Steven Gurley / Steve Gurley is broadly recognized as an industry expert and thought-leader in mobile and mobile content management solutions. He is a widely published author of numerous papers, articles and blogs on mobility and serves on numerous mobile advisory boards and committees, including serving as the current chairman of the Digital Screenmedia Association's committee on mobile. Steve is currently the President and CEO of Pyrim Technologies, a mobile business and new market development company.
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Digital signage industry, forget consolidation!

Consolidation! That's a topic that's been bantered around the digital signage industry for years. It seems that nearly everyone has been eagerly anticipating the day when the small players cash out and the big players are left to enjoy the benefits of scale.

NFC vs. iBeacon: How do they really stack up?

Near Field Communications, or NFC, is a powerful consumer engagement technology that has taken a massively bad rap over the past two years. Many dismissed it when Apple didn't put it in the iPhone 5. Then, the slower-than-projected adoption of NFC-based mobile payments prompted some to proclaim NFC dead.

Digital signage: Win the competition or die!

The one thing that must be remembered about digital signage is that it is a consumer engagement technology. It is, therefore, in competition with other consumer engagement technologies, which means that in order to thrive it must win the competition.

Can ad-funded digital signage survive the mobile onslaught?

In 2010, I wrote a white paper entitled "Ad Funded Digital Signage: Is There A Future In It?" That paper discussed how Apple's 2008 launch of the iPhone 3G and the iTunes App Store was a catalytic event that spawned...

Is Apple iOS 7 the angel of death for NFC?

Many have branded Apple's iOS 7 the harbinger of death for near-field communications, a.k.a., NFC. Although iOS 7's Airdrop feature is a really intriguing peer-to-peer communications application, it does not rule out the use of NFC in an upcoming iPhone...

Putting mobile and digital signage in 'context' (Part II)

In Part I of "Putting the Context into Mobile," it was written that mobile context is the match between a consumer's given physical environment, such as a store, hotel, restaurant, etc., and the optimal mobile experience, such as a mobile...

Putting the 'context' into mobile with digital signage (Part I)

Five years ago a new era of mobile was born when Apple launched the 3G iPhone and iTunes App Store. This one event became the foundations of a game-changing ecosystem that provided consumers with near seamless access to a plethora...

Digital Signage: Is Your Investment at Risk

The ever changing mobile landscape, both now and in the future, will have a destabilizing effect on digital signage.  Those making investments in digital signage will need to be aware of mobile's forward progress in order to be prepared to protect those investments. 

My Twitter strategy on mobile & digital signage

I have identified 25 mobile micro-trends that are having (or will have) an impact on digital signage.  Every day I tweet about these trends, but I do it in a way that allows me to measure my followers' interests and concerns.  Read this post to learn more.

More on 2-D barcodes

QR Codes are starting to show up everywhere. Brands, agencies and advertisers are jumping on the bandwagon at an incredible pace, but will consumers embrace them? Could 2-D Barcodes turn out to be the party that the marketers throw, but nobody shows? But what if they do show, what will be the impact on digital signage?

My Trip To CTIA Wireless 2011

The Digital Screenmedia Association, with the sponsorship of Symon Communications and Intel, presented at CTIA Wireless 2011 for the purpose of educating the mobile industry about digital signage.

Educating The Mobile Industry - Part 2

Digital signage can play a leading role in helping mobile solution providers put "context" into their offerings.  This is the second of three articles to appear Mobile Commerce Daily that explains how.

The Money Flows Where The Herd Goes

It is clear that the impact of the current mobile revolution has exceeded almost everyone's wildest expectations.  What does this mean for digital signage's prospects as more and more businesses herd towards mobile?

Educating The Mobile Industry

The digital signage industry is becoming aware of mobility, but the same can't be said about the mobile industry becoming more aware of the digital signage industry. An effort is underway to change this.

The Big Question!

"What problem are you trying to solve?" That question has been the driving force behind my entire career since graduating from college. My first job out of college was with an information technology and business process outsourcing company called Electronic...

Mobile marketing and its impact on digital signage

We are in a new era of mobile communications that is manifest by the explosive growth of sophisticated smartphones. How will they mesh into the digital signage industry?    

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