Scott Sharon / Vertigo Group USA president Scott Sharon has decades of experience in the sign and menu board industry, and nearly another decade in digital signage. He's a longtime proponent of, and innovator in, expanding the deployment of digital menu boards in QSRs. Sharon also is a Team Leader for START, the Strategic Technology Alliance for Restaurant and Trade.
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Why are the little guys better at doing digital menu boards right?

Why do large chains have more difficulty getting digital menu boards right than small chains?

Don't forget your digital menu board ABCs

Even as digital menu board capabilities mature, some basics are being forgotten in deployments. One of our digital signage bloggers has a primer to help remember the basics.

Restaurant digital signage is heating up

Digital menu board blogger looks at hot trends in restaurant digital signage. Digital menu boards and restaurant digital signage are getting smarter and and becoming an invaluable source of actionable business intelligence.

Digital menu board tsunami, part II

I hear some rumbling in the distance! Could it be the start of that digital menu board tsunami I predicted two years ago (blush)? I'll tell you some of what has happened and you can decide for yourself. McDonald's installed...

What it takes to sell large projects

I have been asked to write blogs and articles about my area of expertise which is digital signage, or more specifically, digital menu boards. Because I have been spending so much time working on a very large project I have not had time to write anything recently.

What are the major limitations in your business?

Several years ago I left a manufacturing company and started my own business in digital signage, a new technology. I had many years of great experience and a good business education, so I was very confident.

Continual and constant improvement

Today I was reading a magazine that is read by most people in the restaurant business. I was shocked at the number of formerly successful restaurant companies that have filed for bankruptcy.

How do you teach creativity?

How do you train your sales people and sales engineers to sell digital signage? When you hire people for these positions how do you test them? Since I've been in the digital signage business I have learned the most important...

Is it time to hire more employees?

Earlier I wrote a couple blogs about the down economy and how to survive it. Recently I have been thinking about ways to take advantage of the our current economic situation and be better prepared when it rebounds, as it always does. Now is a great time to be thinking about the employees you will need when you start ramping up again.

Where are the traditional menu board companies?

I remember when I was studying for my master's degree in marketing one of the professors told me something I will never forget. He said you have to always know exactly what you are providing your customers.

How to survive a down economy

In my last blog I commented on how our poor economy was slowing down implementation of new technologies such as digital menu boards. I received a lot of comments about that from friends in my industry and we discussed how to keep going in this economy.

Slow economic recovery slows digital menu board deployments

Many of us have been working hard on the development of digital menu boards (and digital signage) and investing capital for several years because we believe they are valuable marketing/merchandising tools. Now that the products have been developed and ready...

Digital menu boards will change restaurant industry

To begin I would like to state I am not stupid enough to believe the development of digital menu boards or digital signs are nearly as important as the development of computers. However, I do believe it is valid to...

Are digital menu boards really that complicated?

We all know there's a lot of differences between digital menu boards and traditional menu boards. They are new and there's a lot to learn, but are they really that much more complicated? Have you ever noticed how some of...

What's happening in the digital menu board industry?

I have heard many rumors, read news articles and press releases about major deals being made in the digital menu board industry. I also set up my Google Alerts to "Digital Menu Boards," so I receive all the Web news on the subject.

Are all digital menu boards the same?

In the past few months I have attended several major trade shows to see what's new and visit with my friendly competitors to see how they are doing. I know almost all my competitors and have many good friends in the industry (digital menu boards).

How do you start your own company?

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? How many of you have done it? Several times I have heard someone say they thought their boss (or employer) was stupid and that they thought they could run a company...

How do you add value to generic products?

When I first started my career designing and manufacturing menu boards more than 30 years ago, adding value was a given. We designed, engineered and fabricated them from basic raw materials.

How do we keep up with technology changes?

Several days ago I had a meeting with some of my old friends at Yum! Brands to discuss outdoor digital menu boards and order confirmation units. Most of my meetings are with people that know very little about digital menu boards, so I have to spend a lot of time giving them an update or education.

Selling digital versus traditional menu boards

I have been designing and selling traditional menu boards to the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) market for more than 30 years and digital menu boards more than 10 years. My experience has been that it is more difficult to sell digital menu boards.

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