Paul Flanigan / Flanigan is the former executive director of the Digital Screenmedia Association. You can also find him writing regularly at his own blog,
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'Is there such a thing as a digital signage network?'

The head of the DSA ponders the meaning of "digital signage." Is it a physical network, a state of mind, a discipline or something else?

The out-of-home immersive entertainment frontier

The head of the Digital Screenmedia Association offers another review of "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities" by Kevin Williams and Michael Mascioni.

Arrow adds Seneca to quiver, taking aim at digital signage?

Global tech distributor picks up U.S.-based computer manufacturer, strengthening its digital signage footprint.

What we really need are solutions

A rep from a $10 billion company said this: "All I want is a screen. I don't want a network. I just want it to work with mobile." It's time to think about giving him solutions, not technology.

So what do you do?

"So what do you do?" When I was with the San Diego Padres in the late 90's, I told people, "I run the big Jumbotron," when I was asked what I did for a living. Best Buy? "I manage the in-store network." But when I left Best Buy and I started doing consulting, answering, "So what do you do?" got a little harder.

The DSA, today and on into tomorrow

In his new role as Executive Director for the Digital Screenmedia Association, Paul Flanigan looks at where he's been, the DSA, and the future. For the past 15 years, I have bounced among the rings of the digital signage and...

Interacting with a flexible screen

We continue to see people push the boundaries of integrating the digital and physical world. Here's another example, and very cool.

Retail interactivity at your fingertips

One of the more interesting things that I saw at the Digital Signage Expo a few weeks ago was Perch Interactive. (You can see a ton of Perch's stuff on their Showcase page.) While not terribly innovative, as interactive gesture...

Take a shirt off the rack, see a model wear it on digital signage

Here we see an example of digital signage activated by removing the hanger from the rack below the screen: What I like about it is the interruption of the screen above the rack. The onset of motion forces the consumer...

Razor-thin digital signage screens slice through the cutting edge

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi have put together their techno-wizardry to come up with ultra-thin displays that can be used pretty much anywhere, even in car dashboard displays. I find this absolutely fascinating. One of the ever shifting challenges with screens is ...

If you build it, they will come. Really.

When Mark Zuckerberg was developing Facebook, he knew it would resonate with people who wanted an alternative to MySpace. He knew that a great platform for social engagement would draw people to the site.

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