David Little / David serves as Keywest Technology’s director of marketing and has a background in emerging digital technologies, working for more than a decade as an electronic field engineer with digital video equipment manufacturers before joining Keywest Technology.
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Can digital signage be the campfire your customers tell their stories around?

Experimental musician Laurie Anderson prophetically hit the proverbial nail on the head when she said, 'Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.' How can digital signage make your location the place where customers tell, and listen to, each other's stories?

7 steps to digital signage success

Digital signage end-users know that the implementation process can be arduous; it's time to understand why that is and what they can do about it.

Is self-service the future of banking?

With the trend toward consumers now banking online, on their phone and at the ATM, are there digital signs of life left in the bank branch?

Digital signage strategy for newcomers

Digital signage expert blogger lays out a road map to success for those new to the world of digital signage.

Why digital signs are important

Digital signage has become an important new communications medium; here's a look at the basics of why that's so.

Which digital signage platform is best for your business?

A digital signage expert weighs in on the debate over running a system on cloud-based or on-premise software.

Digital signage is a game changer for advertisers

Digital signage puts marketers and other communicators in charge of when and where their messages influence consumers. This may also mean changes in the way things get done and who's responsible for those things.

The endless possibilities of digital signage for restaurants

Unless you live in a cave you've probably been mesmerized by a dynamic menu board at some point in your search for food, but that's just the tip of the iceberg digital signage for restaurants; the possibilities are endless.

Manufacturing: The forgotten digital signage application

Digital signage for manufacturing plants is probably the least understood and talked about of all applications; that should change.

Why you should consider 'sticky' content for your digital signage

When executed properly and in the right context, digital signage can leverage sticky content to inform, inspire and motivate. It provides a concrete reason for viewers to return their glances again and again. What is sticky content? The term comes from Internet lingo.

Digital signage, trending beyond fad

Disruptive technologies can greatly change society. For example, in 2007, Apple released the iPhone that had a massive impact on how and why people use phones.

Give your advertising the touch of success

While digital technologies threaten the effectiveness of television advertising, interactive digital signage can amplify the impact of your marketing message.

Why digital signage content is king, Part 3

"Context is king," "results are king," "content is king," and on and on the media debate continues until everyone is blue in the face. And while "it's good to be the king," as funnyman Mel Brooks famously observed in "History...

Why digital signage content is king, Part 2

Part one pointed out that for many business owners — even those who understand the potential of digital signage — deciding to add digital signs to the communication channel raises a thorny issue: Who's going to create the content that...

Why digital signage content is king, Part 1

The digital signage industry borrows its favorite cliché from the media folks, which is: "Content is king." Maybe we should ask at this point, if content is king, who is doing the coronation? When I was a younger man, a...

How digital tablets can help your business work smarter

Adding up current 2013 gross shipments of digital tablets from all manufactures, the tablet market has quickly grown to be about the same size as the currently shrinking PC market. The tablet market is also witnessing rapid growth of desirable performance, useful features and handy apps, yet pricing remains attractive.

Sound digital signage strategy hinges on content engagement

Much has been said of the benefits digital signage offers marketers, but don't forget the personal context in which digital signage viewers will likely see your message. Successful marketers know their ads exist in a context that enhances the value...

Going green with digital signage makes dollars and sense

When it comes to digital signage, taking an environmentally-friendly approach to communications just makes good business sense.

Decline in ad spending signals rethinking of media options

Keywest's director of marketing puts the decline in ad spending and how it affects the digital signage industry into perspective.  

Top 10 deployment pitfalls

David Little advises deployers to learn from others' mistakes.

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