Bill Yackey / Bill was the longtime editor of, and continues to be a keen observer of the digital-out-of-home space.
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Buyer beware: Traits to look for in digital signage software

Digital signage software companies spend a lot of time working on detail-oriented features for their platforms. After all, in a space that has become saturated with cheap (and sometimes free) software options, each company is looking for a differentiator to...

What can digital signage take away from Forrester's 'New Campaign Management Mandate' study?

Email marketing company ExactTarget worked with Forrester Consulting to develop a new report called "The New Campaign Management Mandate" that examines the challenges that interactive marketers face with managing digital campaigns. Forrester defines the term “interactive marketing” as “The use...

Agencies still clinging to traditional media in lieu of digital growth (Part 1)

It is an interesting time for ad agencies – they are constantly being bombarded with new digital media strategies from all angles, laced with promises of “getting ahead of the game.” At the same time, their traditional media outlets, such...

Is your digital signage network secure in the cloud?

The debate between SaaS (cloud-based) and on-premises digital signage software is a long and drawn out one. On one hand, cloud-based signage software and networks are diverse and flexible and allow for instant scalability for growing networks.

It’s not enough for digital signage to be passive anymore

In just its few short years as an industry, digital signage is beginning to reach a new paradigm. Several years ago, the idea of having a network of screens with content that could be synched, targeted and scheduled was impressive, if not futuristic.

The evolution of 3D in DOOH: 3D Mapping

3D has been talked about heavily since last year’s CES when in-home 3D TVs made a splash and 3D movies started their resurgence in a form. In the digital out-of-home space, the discussion has been largely relegated to autostereoscopic (no-glasses)...

Google, Yahoo services mean there’s no excuse for boring digital signage content

Looping content is dead – at least in the mind of Jason Cremins, the prolific CEO of Remote Media. For nearly the past year, he’s been trotting the globe and speaking at all the necessary digital signage gatherings about a...

Display technology trends and predictions for the commercial digital signage market

News in the commercial display market has traditionally gone to "he who can design the largest screen." But from a business perspective, there is a lot going on behind the bright glow of LCD. Here are some trends from 2010...

Beyond TCO: Digital signage

I was very happy to see that AMX released a digital signage TCO calculator, and even happier to see that it was a collaboration with industry guru Lyle Bunn (which to me hands this a lot of credibility, signaling it’s...

Reflect Systems reflects on company history, predicts 2011

Reflect Systems, based out of Dallas, turned nine years old this year. And in this industry, that makes them one of the old guys.

Digital signage in the cloud

Digital signage users can empower their networks and save money by leveraging cloud computing.

CETW/KioskCom: A first-timer’s guide

Bill Yackey gives his picks for must-see sessions for first-time visitors to the upcoming CETW show.

Vertical marketing: Critical for digital signage

Last year, as part of one of my last grad school classes I put together a comprehensive marketing plan for a regional digital signage integrator/reseller. My goal was to take what I knew about the digital signage industry and how...

Digital signage industry sees push for customer, vendor education

Digital signage industry experts, distributors and associations are ramping up education efforts.

2nd Digital Non-Con a meeting of the digital signage minds

Midwest digital signage experts will gather next week in Cincinnati to discuss all things digital.

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