Ben Stagg / Digital Signage Certified Expert Ben Stagg, director of R&D for Vital Media Inc., is responsible for the technology solutions and deployment infrastructure for Vital Media’s digital signage solutions. Stagg started his own digital signage company in 2004, before selling it in 2007 and joining Vital Media.
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To advertise or entertain: No longer a question of choosing one over the other

If you're one of the booming number of retailers, dealers and service facilities who have caught on to the value of in-store TV, chances are you're using it exclusively in one of two ways: to entertain your customers (maybe you...

Passing the relevance test and getting engaged

Living in a connected society means we are constantly barraged with information, and the only way to remain top of the POP is to maximize the relevance of our messaging.

Getting engaged with digital in-store

Digital and conventional POP share commonalities, but only digital POP delivers relevance and influence to shoppers while tracking and reporting customer engagement.

The path to purchase evolution: digital in-store

While the significant components of the path to purchase remain the same, the stops along the way are evolving, with significant and growing influence from digital mediums.

What can digital in-store do?

Digital in-store applications are enhancing the relevance of marketing messaging, fostering engagement with shoppers and strengthening the influence of marketing initiatives utilizing two-way communication. So given what digital in-store can do, what does that mean it can be?

Bridging the communication gap with technology

As we look ahead to 2012 and as multichannel paths to purchase grow in popularity and use, we consider how technology — specifically digital in-store technology — is working to bridge the communication gap.

The importance of hyper-relevance: Seasonal messaging

Digital signage is the perfect venue for hyper-relevant, constantly updated messages — so, how do you pass the relevance test?

5 reasons making dPOP the new path to purchase

We're all aware of the digital revolution — most of us are a part of it. We also all know that the Internet has changed the path to purchase.

5 best practices for retail digital signage

As digital signage continues to gain traction as the most effective form of in-store advertising, it's important to consider best practices for deployment. Here are five considerations for best practices after working with retailers in more than 1,000 deployments: 1.

How centrally-managed digital signage provides peace of mind

Digital signage enables dynamic message management at point of sale, allowing a brand to change offers as often as desired. The problem with traditional printed POP is that it is what it is, and can't be changed without physically replacing...

Checklist for digital signage content

As so many in the industry state: Content is king with digital signage. But what questions need answering when it comes to planning and developing a digital signage content program?

Traditional versus digital POP – Time to start moving?

The topic of traditional print versus digital advertising is not new. However, it is still a current, hot and unresolved topic in advertising and marketing, particularly when it comes to retail point-of-sale.

Extending the message: Digital signage goes deep

As advertising continues to trend more and more from print to digital, digital messaging itself is moving toward a ubiquitous presence — from initial Web browsing all the way to the point of sale. Our own experience with over a...

Six things to look for in a digital signage PC

When it comes to the PCs we use in our digital signage deployments, it seems as if the days of paying more than we want or facing getting less than we need seem to be over. Our shop has deployed...

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