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Enhancing Business Results through On-Site Digital Signage Applications

YCD is a global provider of end-to-end digital signage solutions for businesses and organizations that are looking to communicate with the modern customer with maximum impact and a measureable ROI.

At YCD it isn't all about technology. We take a 360-degree approach to digital, bringing together years of industry experience and field-proven successes, as well as an extensive global network of partners. We understand the importance of the customer, and our unique approach and offering works to create engaging experiences that help our customers interact, entertain and inform while also meeting their business objectives. 

To date, YCD has over 2,000 client worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s most recognized brands, such as Coca Cola, Toyota, Ferrari, Hilton Hotels, NYSE, Club Med, Diesel and Nike. We help brands to deliver the right experience to thousands of venues, reaching more than 100 million people every month.

Founded in 1999, YCD Multimedia operates worldwide with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel, as well as an extensive network of resellers and partners serving clients around the globe. In October, 2011 YCD acquired C-nario, a leading provider of digital signage software solutions. Our new joint-product offering stands at the forefront of out-of-home technology with advanced strategy, design and implementation that works on a completely open, customizable, architecture.

Influencing customer behavior

YCD utilizes the principles of digital media that fueled the explosive growth of online advertising and e-commerce, and makes them accessible to brick and mortar retailers across multiple verticals. 

YCD technology helps brands achieve their goals through effective digital marketing platforms that influence customer decisions and boost impulse purchases directly at the point of sale.

The solutions, developed to address the real needs and challenges of retail customers, offer a single platform to manage digital in-store media workflow and close the loop between in-store promotions and actual sales, allowing real-time optimization.

Enhancing customer experience

YCD’s flexible platforms help businesses attract clients, reinforce branding, and ensure a measurable impact. The solutions are tailored to engage consumers by creating an exciting, brand-reinforcing customer experience, while optimizing communications and marketing strategies. 

From entertainment media experiences and interactive applications to mobile and social media within a venue, YCD helps brands by focusing on consumer experience, delivering relevant brand content, and creating the desired ambiance and impact.

End-to-end offering

YCD’s end-to-end offering combines strategy, design, professional services, and technology to increase profits and enhance the customer experience. The offering also includes project management and content services, together with measurement and ongoing support.  Solutions are tailored to customers’ specific needs in various market verticals such as fashion, automotive, quick service restaurants (QSR), banking, convenience stores, and more.

YCD enables business users, marketers or IT personnel to control every facet of onsite digital media in real-time, such as managing ads, promotions, and information, both locally and centrally, creating high impact while reducing operational costs.

The solution can be provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) or through on-premise solution and is based on an innovative, open architecture, enabling easy integration with dynamic feeds and external sources, such as enterprise systems (POS, CRM, ERP, inventory), live feeds, mobile, GPS, interactive sources, and more.

Products and Services

YCD|CMS - A flexible platform available as SaaS or On-premise

YCD’s content management solutions address the needs of virtually any type of business, regardless of size or location. Learn more »


From single screen to multiple displays, including large-scale networks, video walls and WOW collages, YCD|Player enables you to achieve the highest playback quality, no matter the size or resolution. Learn more »

YCD|Wall - Any size, shape or resolution. Customized communication for your brand

Any shape, any size — anywhere. The only limitation is imagination. Learn more »

YCD|Impulse - A digital media solution for influencing shopper decisions at the point-of-Sale

With YCD|Impulse, you’ll capture the customers' attention and promote accessory sales right at the point of sale.  Learn more »

YCD|Interact – Interactivity designed to engage customers and deliver personalized information

Bring the online experience to the customer with YCD’s interactive solution.  Using touch-screen technology, our interactive experience combines the functionality of the YCD|CMS cloud-based management capabilities with state-state-of-the-art display solutions. Learn more »

YCD|Menu - A digital menu board solution for easy updates and management

Increasingly, digital menu boards are being used by all kinds of food service establishments. While casual, quick service locations have been early adopters of digital menu boards, restaurants of all types are now beginning to recognize their potential and power. Learn more »

Professional Services

YCD accompanies you every step of the way to a successful digital signage project - from the earliest stage of a project's infancy until long after your solution has been implemented. From initial concept, to site design, we’ll manage deployment, content creation and content updates, distribution and on-going technical support. Learn more »
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