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Information changes on a constant basis, and customers, clients and the public need to be kept up to date. 

How is it possible to control the release of potentially sensitive information on your digital signage network when the person responsible for making such decisions is not in the building, or even the country?  With signWorkflow from Signbox Microsystems, there’s no need to worry about unauthorised communications.

Updating data, schedules, prices and company information are things that need to be done...but not by just anyone in the company.  With the signWorkflow module, it’s possible to retain total control over the communications appearing on your digital signage network, no matter where you are in the world.

The signWorkflow software automates the lifecycle of your digital signage contents, all the way from inception through to archiving.   

Every aspect of what is displayed must be authorised by a system administrator or designated user(s). When anyone working on the system puts in a request for approval of modifications, additions or removal of content, the administrator will receive an e-mail requesting authorisation. SignWorkflow automatically puts those requests into a “Pending” folder. Once an administrator has made a decision on the changes, the new information will go into either an “Approved” or “Rejected” folder.  What’s more, once new or modified content is approved by the administrator, that content can be uploaded and go live on screen within seconds.

signWorkflow is particularly popular with our clients in the Financial Services and Transportation sectors where accuracy of information in paramount.

Products and Services


signManager is the primary controller of a Signbox digital signage network. Content is uploaded and updated via the signManager and then dispersed through the digital signage network. It is infinitely scalable. Learn more » is a web-based digital signage platform for businesses of all sizes. Simple and intuitive to use, it allows non-technical users to easily manage their digital signage network. Learn more »


signCine is an easy-to-use system that works in conjunction with all major ticketing databases and venue management systems such as Vista, Venue and Radiant, to extract and display relevant information to customers. Learn more »


signCampaign assess large quantities of statistical data regarding the kind of interaction your content has generated and present the collated information to you in report form. Learn more »


signQueue is an add-on module that allows clients to interface their queue management and ticketing system with their digital signage displays. Learn more »


signEye is an audience measurement and analysis tool that can be used with the Signbox digital signage system. Learn more »

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