Signbox Microsystems is a web-based digital signage platform for businesses of all sizes.  Simple and intuitive to use, it allows non-technical users to easily manage their digital signage network. 

Since is a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), we manage the servers and the back-end hardware.  The users only needs to log in to signManager through any web browser to easily manage any number of digital signage screens at any time. Signbox takes care of all the back end work including implementation, set up, monitoring, updates, back-ups, server maintenance, and system recovery.

We can supply the digital signage hardware or, providing that you have standard, WindowsXP or Windows7 players, we can connect your hardware quickly and easily to the network.

The immediate advantages of hosted server solution are:

  • No need to buy or maintain server hardware or operating system; no facilities or operation investment needed
  • Very quick network start up
  • Eliminates concerns over network security
  • Software always up to date
  • Your IT department’s operational load is lightened
  • Allows you to focus on your core business

This online service, like other SaaS (Software as a Service) models, allows you to access’s cutting-edge software on a ‘screen by screen’ fee basis, ensuring you only pay one, all inclusive, price per screen with no extra charges for servers or manager software and no hidden costs or extras.  Software updates and support are free!

Products and Services


signManager is the primary controller of a Signbox digital signage network. Content is uploaded and updated via the signManager and then dispersed through the digital signage network. It is infinitely scalable. Learn more »


signCine is an easy-to-use system that works in conjunction with all major ticketing databases and venue management systems such as Vista, Venue and Radiant, to extract and display relevant information to customers. Learn more »


signCampaign assess large quantities of statistical data regarding the kind of interaction your content has generated and present the collated information to you in report form. Learn more »


signQueue is an add-on module that allows clients to interface their queue management and ticketing system with their digital signage displays. Learn more »


signEye is an audience measurement and analysis tool that can be used with the Signbox digital signage system. Learn more »


The signWorkflow software automates the lifecycle of your digital signage contents, all the way from inception through to archiving.   Learn more »

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