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Digital Signage: Menu Boards

In an increasingly competitive market, digital menu boards enable restaurant and bar managers to keep pace or stay ahead of their competition. For example, by using digital signage, restaurant managers are able to incorporate full-motion video into their menu displays...

Digital Signage in Healthcare

Digital signage is a relatively new technology, and the health sector is still learning how it can best be put to use in their communications strategies. The companies and organizations that move first will be the ones at the cutting...

School & Campus TV: Digital Signage in Education

The video and IT literate generation has come of age, and this is particularly relevant to education; going digital is a necessary transition for today’s schools and universities.

The Digital Signage Handbook

This handbook has been written as an attempt to remove some of the mystery and confusion that can exist around Digital Signage. It is aimed at customers, otherwise known by the rather odd term, ‘end-users’. It tries to offer simple explanations and advice whilst avoiding jargon.

University of Bedfordshire: Implementing Digital Signage as an Integral part of their Communication Strategy

Digital signage has been in use at the University of Bedfordshire for some time, with standalone units being installed in different departments. The objective of this project was to bring all the existing digital signage together and to provide for...

The Essential Guide to Digital Signage

Digital signage can be an effective communication tool, but choosing the right system can be daunting. Learn the basics about digital signage to make an informed decision.

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