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Omnivex Moxie is a complete software solution designed for managing digital signage networks with the functionality to handle rich content, high-resolution media and real-time information right out of the box. Built into Moxie is the intelligence to automatically react to dynamic data and external conditions so your content is always relevant. It is built on Microsoft Windows technology and does not require any proprietary hardware or software to display and manage the sophisticated content you require it to display.


Moxie is the control center of your digital signage network. Everything you need to access and manage it is available through the Moxie Studio client application. With Moxie Studio you can access and configure all aspects of your local soft and hard resources. You can design and schedule content, connect data in ways that make it more relevant, manage digital signage network permissions, remotely update Moxie Player client applications, monitor network activity and the performance health of your system.


Moxie's Layout Designer module has all of the tools to develop content just as you imagine it.
Assemble all of your content elements with a fine level of control over its display and position properties. When you add content to your layout, you can resize it without impacting your original files because all of the content you add to Moxie is imported; original files remain untouched. You can design to your heart's content without worry.


The content scheduling control you want is all there.

Moxie's Schedule Builder module has a familiar and intuitive interface. Build schedules with single and repeating instances of your layouts and playlists. Construct schedules with all the calendar sophistication you have come to expect from your Omnivex Moxie solution.


With Omnivex Moxie your content is sent through the network to your displays running Omnivex Moxie Player. With Moxie Player, your displays are intelligent enough to know when to display their content, what content to display and are also remotely accessible for monitoring

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