Drive Smarter Retail Operations with Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is increasingly adopted by more savvy retailers in the highlycompetitive environment. With the advance of hardware devices and analytic software, retail analytics help retailers comprehensively collect and accurately analyze buying patterns and store operation data, turning raw data into actionable business insights.

NEXCOM Fuses Digital & Physical Retail with Responsive Store Solutions

With eCommerce capturing a booming share of sales, physical retailers are challenged but not doomed because they provide irreplaceable touch-and-feel experience for brick-and-mortar consumers. To reinvent shopping experiences, many physical retailers are building "responsive stores" to merge the advantages of online and offline shops.

OPS Digital Signage Player Helps Accelerate Technology Rollout and Tap New Turf

The beauty of digital signage is the ability to deliver right message to the right audience. To realize this ambitious goal, digital signage needs new technologies and needs it fast.

Building Engaging Cloud Classrooms with Digital Media Players

Traditional “chalk and talk” teaching methods that suited previous generations may not necessarily be effective for students who were born in the digital age. Educating digitally savvy students requires more interaction, visual learning, and collaborative activities, and thus demands more...

OPS Media Player NDIS M533 Wows Audience with Quick Interactive Response and 4K Ultra HD

NEXCOM OPS media player, the NDiS M533 is designed to elevate the viewing experience with quick interactive response and 4K Ultra HD content. Featuring the 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5-4400E processor, the NDiS M533 combines premium graphics capability, improved system...

Intelligent and Interactive Digital Signage Spurs Retail Sales Boom

In the past, digital signage only provided oneway information playback. As technological development and Internet of Things (IoT) have advanced the graphics and sensing technology, digital signage are moving towards intelligent and interactive applications, bringing unlimited business opportunities for the retail and related industries.

NEXCOM Newly Minted OPS Media Player Comes with Advanced Graphics Capability and Remote Manageability

NEXCOM NDiS M323 is a cost-effective OPS-compliant 1080P media player that integrates advanced graphics capability and remote manageability, bringing budget conscious users the premium features mostly found on premium-priced players.

Connected Digital Signage Delivers Seamless Retail Experience to Combat Showrooming

Although online shopping provides convenience to customers, brick-and-mortar stores still offer richer retail experiences that online stores cannot provide, such as exclusive in-store services and hands-on experiences where customers can see and touch actual products before purchasing.

Maximize Uptime in the Connected Factory

Reliable operation of machinery is key to productivity in the factory. However, monitoring the many devices that keep today's production lines running in optimal condition is a major challenge, especially when the machines are widely dispersed in different factories.

OPS Digital Signage Player Helps Accelerate Technology Rollout and Tap New Turf

The beauty of digital signage is the ability to deliver the right message to the right audience. To realize this ambitious goal, digital signage needs new technologies and needs it fast. To answer these needs, NEXCOM develops the NDiS M532,...

Cinema Chain Relies on NDiS 161 for Immersive Visual Environment

Rave Cinema s, the fifth la r gest theater circuit in the US by box office gross and number of screens is rolling out digital signage across its 67 locations. Offering both informat ion and entertainment, the digital signage will create immersive and rich visual experience for their guests that begin when they walk in the doors of the cinema.

Improving Build-to-Order Operations with Digital Signage

Meticulous execution in the build-to-order (BTO) business model is the key to survival for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across a variety of industries. To prove their BTO ability, these businesses must demonstrate the capacity to deliver highly customized...

NEXCOM 1080P Signage Player Called to Serve with Italian Navy

NEXCOM’s high performance 1080P signage player NDiS 161 has been enlisted in the Italian Navy. NDiS 161, working jointly with a digital entertainment platform developed by Italian company Aitek, will serve as an infotainment solution.

Digital Signage Responds to Its Audience

Digital signage as an advertising tool aims to convey ideas, leave impressions and persuade an audience to take actions. Informative messages, extraordinary visual images and sound effects are used to catch the audience’s attention. As new technologies emerge, digital signage...

Travel Back to Medieval Cracow with a NEXCOM Digital Signage Player

A NEXCOM digital signage player has landed in an underground museum in Cracow, Poland. The museum, home to relics, monuments and scale models, uses advanced computer technologies to recreate the atmosphere of the middle ages. It utilizes multiple displays, touch...

Dynamic Digital Signage Player is the Clear Winner

NEXCOM’s multi-display digital signage player NDiS 541 brings the great thrill of live sports to retail betting outlets in Spain. The custom digital signage system allows the audience to view all of the information in one place, immersing them in the energy and excitement of the action.

SCALA Certified Player NDiS 166 Delivers Reliable Performance

Equipped with the superb technology of Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processor and certified by the world-class software provider SCALA, NDiS 166 creates a perfect harmony between reliable platform and intelligent software. This partnership enables the NDiS 166 to deliver stunning features...

Leading Singapore Based Systems Integrator Uses NEXCOM Digital Signage Player for Multi-Display Advertising Deployments

A Singapore based company which provides professional digital signage solutions and system integration service in the region, has recently selected NEXCOM's NDiS 540 series digital signage players as their digital signage platform on a number of projects.

Smarter Solutions for In-Vehicle Signage and Infotainment

With development of state-of-the-art in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, vehicles are now capable of providing users real-time information, entertainment and network computing services, creating new business opportunities and usage models.

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