Webinar: How to Optimize your Strategy for Corporate and Campus Communication

Digital signage is an essential tool for an efficient communication strategy in corporate and campus environments. Organizations have information that needs to reach multiple audiences, some common to all and some specific to one or more groups.

Kempinksi Hotels Increase Signage Efficiency

The luxury hotel chain Kempinski was looking for an up-to-date hospitality signage solution to increase the information flow quality and optimize the guest/visitor experience model and selected NAVORI QL as a platform of choice.

Swiss Based NAVORI Goes German

NAVORI SA is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company is active worldwide and already has installations deployed on German soil, but its overall market share in the area so far was limited.

The Importance of Data Feeds and Real-time Info in Digital Signage Applications

By rule of thumb, in traditional poster based printed advertising there is a fraction of a second of attention aperture to get the message – promo, branding… - across. This is where Digital Signage makes a basic difference.

Corporate TV: what really matters when setting up a Digital Signage Solution

Integrating and deploying a Digital Signage solution entails more than just installing screens and fire off content – it is all about integrating a tool with the intention of optimizing a communications process towards an audience.

The Architecture Behind an Automotive Digital Signage Solution

In this day and age, automotive communication opportunities remain largely underexploited. The Swiss company NAVORI, a global leader in Digital Signage software, takes a pole position in this market segment with the release of their Navori QL GPS Trigger module.

How NAVORI QL Trigger Can Enforce Media Play-out

The NAVORI QL Trigger Software Development Kit enables any integrator or end user to build a system that even goes beyond through the capability to launch specific content based on a foreign/third party input.

Meeting Room Scheduling Solutions

Leading Digital Signage software solution NAVORI QL is now referenced by Micros Fidelio in their Hotel Room and Catering Management system, OPERA.

Digital Signage Uses Go Beyond Retail

Don’t believe that digital signage can work for your organization? Consider that digital signage has found a place in the private, academic, hospitality, corporate, and religious sectors.

Digital Signage Advertising for Marketers and Retailers

Digital signage can work wonders for your point-of-sales marketing.

Narrowcasting with digital signage

Narrowcasting or “digital out-of-home advertising” is hot!

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