BoldVu® TVD – (TrivpleVu® Displays) are a unique, innovative multi-media Display System that provides three (3) separate and distinct video images on a single high-bright 47" portrait-mode LCD screen.  As an industry first, each of the three (3) images can be presented as either Full Motion Video (1080P – Full HD) or static.  The content for each image is only viewable from certain left-to-right viewing angles; (i.e. -90° to -45°, -45° to +45°, and +45° to +90°) creating a dynamic, multifaceted experience for the viewer as they walk by.
The Multi-Cast Transmitter allows for three (3) separate content Players to be placed remotely (up to 100 meters away) and interfaced over a single CAT 5 wired connection to the internal TripleVu® Receiver which delivers unique content to each display view.  This allows for 3X the advertising or promotion content via a single display platform.
Designed around MRI's patent-pending LED backlight technology providing 800 nit Luminance/display image and with a 10.5mm AR (anti-reflective) laminated cover glass to improve viewability and resist breakage.  The free-standing indoor assembly features the CoolVu® thermal management system allowing for operation in temperatures up to +35°C (+95°F).
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Products and Services

Taxi Top Digital Signage

MRI’s Digital Taxi Toppers hit the street in New York City. These are double-sided, 43” diagonal, 2000 nit brightness units that are mounted on the top of Taxi cabs and provide for (8) advertising slots at 15 seconds each. Learn more »

Life-Size Infinite Touchscreen

The first fully-interactive Touchscreen that is designed for use in outdoor environments, in direct sunlight and is mounted on MRI’s proven BoldVu® 72" High-Bright Digital LCD Display for ambient temperatures up to 50° C / 122° F. Learn more »

Full-Size Transparent Digital Cooler Doors - ThruVu™

The first full-size transparent (see-thru) Digital LCD Door for Convenience and Grocery stores. Learn more »

UMD: Universal Mountable Digital Display

The UMD provides great versatility to place MRI's exclusive eye-catching displays anywhere.  Complete unit is ready to be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or to an existing enclosure. Learn more »

FSD: Free Standing Digital Display

One of our most popular outdoor products, MRI's Free-Standing Display combines cutting-edge technology with durability and consistent direct sunlight viewability.  Both indoor and outdoor models contain image verification and easy service access. Learn more »

PDM: Panel Display Module for Pre-Existing Enclosures

Already have your enclosure?  Offered in sizes from 32"-82", our Panel Display Modules will fit perfectly into your enclosure/housing.  All modules are built with the BoldVu®features, allowing design flexibility with the established MRI advantage. Learn more »

Digital Array: Free-standing and Module Array Configurations

Create a presentation that will drive through multiple displays and drive-up the power of your promotion.  MRI's digital arrays are available in a number of array configurations to satisfy specific application requirements (i.e. 1x2, 1x3, 3x3). Learn more »

DTU: Dispenser Top Unit Digital Display for Gas Pumps

Our signature Gas Pump Displays put MRI on the map as the leader in Outdoor Digital Display Technology. Create an eye-catching display for C-store patrons while increasing internal promotion programs and advertising revenue. Learn more »

W2O: Way2Order® Self Ordering Drive-Thru Kiosk

The BoldVu®Way2Order® Drive-Thru Kiosk improves the customer experience and offers operators the ability to up-sell while handling more vehicles during peak hours. Learn more »

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