DTU:  Dispenser Top Unit
BoldVu® DTU – (Dispenser Top Units) are a dual-sided display system designed for direct outdoor use on top of a gas dispenser at a C-Store fuel island.  The 22" diagonal LCD displays feature MRI's exclusive LED edge light technology and provide 1000 nit Luminance for excellent viewability in direct t sunlight.  The AR (anti-reflective) optically bonded cover glass improves the image visibility and is break resistant while the dual speakers allow for audio content.
Designed for long, consistent life, the LED technology used provides for a true 1000 nit Luminance over 5 years based on average operation of 18 hours/day.  The brightness level is not affected by temperature extremes or degradation over time like other technologies.

The internal cooling system allows for use in 40°C (+104°F) temperatures while the all-weather enclosure withstands common outdoor elements. 

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Products and Services

Taxi Top Digital Signage

MRI’s Digital Taxi Toppers hit the street in New York City. These are double-sided, 43” diagonal, 2000 nit brightness units that are mounted on the top of Taxi cabs and provide for (8) advertising slots at 15 seconds each. Learn more »

Life-Size Infinite Touchscreen

The first fully-interactive Touchscreen that is designed for use in outdoor environments, in direct sunlight and is mounted on MRI’s proven BoldVu® 72" High-Bright Digital LCD Display for ambient temperatures up to 50° C / 122° F. Learn more »

Full-Size Transparent Digital Cooler Doors - ThruVu™

The first full-size transparent (see-thru) Digital LCD Door for Convenience and Grocery stores. Learn more »

UMD: Universal Mountable Digital Display

The UMD provides great versatility to place MRI's exclusive eye-catching displays anywhere.  Complete unit is ready to be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or to an existing enclosure. Learn more »

FSD: Free Standing Digital Display

One of our most popular outdoor products, MRI's Free-Standing Display combines cutting-edge technology with durability and consistent direct sunlight viewability.  Both indoor and outdoor models contain image verification and easy service access. Learn more »

PDM: Panel Display Module for Pre-Existing Enclosures

Already have your enclosure?  Offered in sizes from 32"-82", our Panel Display Modules will fit perfectly into your enclosure/housing.  All modules are built with the BoldVu®features, allowing design flexibility with the established MRI advantage. Learn more »

Digital Array: Free-standing and Module Array Configurations

Create a presentation that will drive through multiple displays and drive-up the power of your promotion.  MRI's digital arrays are available in a number of array configurations to satisfy specific application requirements (i.e. 1x2, 1x3, 3x3). Learn more »

TVD: TripleVu® Multiple Image Digital Display

Triple your impact and promotional power with TripleVu®.  Each TVD display plays three different images at once.  Each image is visible in a different viewing angle and can be static or video. Learn more »

W2O: Way2Order® Self Ordering Drive-Thru Kiosk

The BoldVu®Way2Order® Drive-Thru Kiosk improves the customer experience and offers operators the ability to up-sell while handling more vehicles during peak hours. Learn more »

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