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Automated Scheduling

SignWave digital door signs automatically retrieve, format and display room-scheduling information from popular property and event management software applications. This provides a set-it-and-forget-it implementation that makes day-to-day operation hands free. Optionally, large digital reader boards can be added to display all scheduling information in one convenient place. Welcome to the world of hands-free digital signage. We put your signs to work—not your staff! 

Global Management

The day-to-day operation of SignWave conference room signs is automatic and hands-free, but on an as-need basis, managers can login to the system to make various updates, such as, corrections to spelling, change of venue name, revised meeting time, and other last minute adjustments like room partitioning. This easy access for global management is provided through a web browser, which is hosted on the SignWave server. Managers can also make real-time adjustments on the SignWave room sign using the built-in keypad directly on the spot!

Seamless Integration

Because Event Management Software (EMS) and Property Management Software (PMS) are now ubiquitous in facility management, digital door signs are rapidly growing in use throughout hotels, healthcare, education, convention and corporate centers where conference spaces may be rented, temporarily assigned, or otherwise repurposed on a daily basis.

Learn more about SignWave digital door signs and request a quick quote, or call 800-331-2019 and select “4″ from the menu options.

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