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Many options are available to enhance or improve customer communications, but none are more important than partnering with Keywest Creative to design and execute media to meet your objectives. Leave it to our expert media department to develop:

  • Interactive Media
  • Social Media Integration
  • Digital Advertising
  • Interactive Wayfinding
  • Loyalty Program Integration
  • Media Feeds & Streaming
  • Real-Time Information
  • Widget Integration
  • Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand Management

Some outstanding benefits Keywest Creative brings to your digital signage screens include the following solutions:

Interactive Digital Sales Assistant

  • Advertising - Spark interest with creative media loops
  • Engage customers with social media
  • Create customer desire with interactive demonstrations
  • Demonstrate product FABs with interactive interface
  • Collect customer demographics
  • Dispense product coupons
  • Integrated knowledge base with sales avatar for personalized service

Digital Concierge

  • Provide directional wayfinding information
  • Provide an interactive event and conference calendar
  • Provide an interactive Google Earth Map with calculated drive times
  • Provide a list of local restaurants with interactive information access
  • Provide a list of local hotspots with interactive information access
  • Provide a list of tourist attractions with interactive information access
  • Sell and dispense tickets / coupons
  • Provide hotel check in/out processing

Customer Service Kiosk

  • Provide an entertainment-based medium with interactive information access
  • Provide a list of products with interactive information access
  • Provide a list of services with interactive information access
  • Provide an interactive gift registry with product catalog
  • Provide an interactive custom-order processor
  • Provide additional inventory information 

Products and Services

SignWave Puts Your Signs to Work—Not Your Staff

Catch SignWave! –the digital door sign system that automatically retrieves, formats and displays room- and event-scheduling information from popular property and event management software applications. Learn more »

MediaZone Digital Signage - Expression That Makes an Impression

MediaZone Pro is a complete digital signage software system with all the tools needed to build compelling media playlists with text, graphics, video and animation and play them back when and where you want. Learn more »

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