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Ingram Micro’s ProAV/Digital Signage Business Unit is truly the only distributor able to assist you in implementing digital signage as an end to end solution. If you are looking for assistance on a particular vertical market to implement digital signage, our digital signage business development managers can consult on the best products, services, installation options, and additional support. This ensures that your digital signage opportunity is completed correctly and results in increased profitability.
Below are examples implementations within key markets. Digital Signage is an optimal and easy way to improve the customer experience while in your overall.
  • Education: Campus bookstore merchandising specials, advertising/branding, visual paging system, campus emergency alerts, menu boards, in classrooms, IP video surveillance monitoring screen for campus police.
  • Hospitality and Independent Hotels: conference/meeting information, directions/wayfinding/local weather, advertising/branding, visual paging system, emergency alerts, menu boards, IP Video surveillance monitoring screen for security areas, conference rooms
  • Corporations and Lobbies: Visual paging system, emergency alters, corporate communications to all employees, conference/meeting rooms for video conferencing, cafeteria menu boards, merchandising specials and advertising
  • Shopping Malls: Merchandising specials, advertising/branding, visual paging system, emergency alerts, directions/wayfinding/local weather, IP video surveillance monitoring screen for security areas, entertainment, kiosks, point-of-sale advertising
  • Retail Stores (Independent & Franchise):  Merchandising specials, advertising/branding, product demonstrations, training on sales floor, communications, visual paging systems, emergency alerts, kiosks, point-of-sale advertising
  • Hospitals and Clinics: Visual paging systems, emergency alerts, corporate communications to al employees, directions/wayfinding, IP video surveillance monitoring screen
  • Gyms and Spas: merchandising specials, advertising/branding, upcoming classes, visual paging system, emergency alerts, locals weather/entertainment/news
  • Restaurants: merchandising specials, advertising/branding, menu boards
  • Churches and Houses of Worship: Information on sermons and hymns, visuals paging system/emergency alerts, education
  • Retail banks and Credit Unions: Merchandising specials on low interest rates on loans or CD’s, visual paging system, news and weather

Products and Services

Technology Consultant

  Win incremental sales, gain a competitive advantage and become a strategic partner to your customers by extending Ingram Micro’s world class technical support into the field. Our Technology Consultants accompany you to customer sites to provide pre-sales consultative services and education for digital signage. Technology Consultants are also available to help you train your sales staff and conduct client seminars. Learn more »

Content Creation Services

  What is Content Creation? Custom built content that can include corporate imaging and graphics, store and company promotions, advertising campaigns, etc. Have a sale or a promotion going on? Do you want to inform your in-store consumers of a hot new product, solution or idea? Create content to drive sales and inform your audience. Learn more »

Installation services

  As one of our digital signage solution providers, you can access support from IM Link for digital-signage installation services. Installation services include comprehensive site surveys, pre-sales consultative expertise, and installation capabilities for all of your digital signage project needs. For more details, ask your Ingram Micro sales representative.   Learn more »

Leasing and Financing

  As an Ingram Micro solution provider, you have access to optimal leasing and financing options. Qualified resellers may be eligible for a temporary credit increase, end-user financing or leasing.   Learn more »

Technical Support

  Ingram Micro Tech Support enables solution sales through Ingram Micro. Our technical support team helps Ingram Micro solution providers grow their businesses, keep up on new technologies, and deliver solutions that address their client’s business needs.   Learn more »
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