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Horizon Display’s Interactive Gallery Software.  The below is a detailed description of how our Interactive Showcase Gallery works.

The 1st step is uploading media.  Somewhere you have a rich media library of hi-res image and videos that really show off what makes your brand special.  Get these into folders and name them categorically.  The hardest part is behind you.  Want some creative direction? We offer those services too.  Upload your own media, or let us creative a turn-key Interactive presentation for you

? Simple-to-use designer tool

The 2nd step is to create galleries.  Remember those folder categories? Now you will use that content to arrange a story telling order.  Add labels to the images to provide top level information.  You can even add an info button for those looking for more.  Some images can be added to an attraction loop while others remain merely a treasure for those who interact.

? Professional looking interface

The 3rd step is to develop your Showcase.

What is your audience going to see as they pass by? The showcase is the theme to your story.  It is the culmination to all of your media collection and storytelling.  It is what you publish and manage as time goes on.  New product, new service or video asset? Cool, just open your showcase and add to the appropriate galleries.

? Take advantage of your existing marketing assets

The 4th step and one of the most important is to match your brand.

It is true that we have placed some tight fences in the software to ensure an easy and predictable experience but we did not compromise branding.  Change background colors, ribbon colors, fonts and logos.  This is all about your message and that will shine though-guaranteed

? Swipe and gestures are built-in for that deeper experience you crave

The 5th and final step is to dazzel your audience.  Just look at the screen shot.  We know what you are thinking. But yes, that was all done with the White Label touch screen software and get this, it only took 90 minutes- did we mention that was by a first time user? Get a half hour training with our specialist, and that totals a 2 hour commitment for a cutting edge experience.

Products and Services

Multi-touch tables

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Interactive Video Walls

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Horizon Interactive Designer and CMS

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Large Format Touch Screens

Horizon Display has been leading the charge in standardizing interactive display products for more than 7 years. Our standard products are fully integrated, which means no overlay – and come in ALL sizes! Learn more »

Large Touch Screen Kiosks

The Visionista and Imaginique Kiosks are the newest additions to Horizon’s range of interactive design fixtures. Dynamically impact your target audience with one of these sleek and sophisticated stand-alone kiosks. Learn more »

Custom Branded Bezels

"It's the Viewable Area of Your Brand." Yes, it's our tagline, but it's very true. Why limit your marketing power to only pixels on a screen when there is plenty of valuable real estate beyond it? Learn more »

Custom Content and Application Development

Cliché Alert!!! Content is King!!! How many hardware providers in your network of partners can also deliver content creation services? We can and do... Learn more »

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