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The Exhibio X-800HD is the industry's easiest digital signage system to install and operate. It makes sophisticated digital signage a reality for any organization. The X-800HD includes full multi-zoning, mixed media and advanced scheduling tools.

The X-800HD features Exhibio's exclusive content management system and a display control system in a single unit. The Exhibio Manager is an intuitive "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) visual interface that enables users to produce a custom mix of multimedia. The Display Control System drives content to any display, filling it from edge-to-edge, creating an attractive digital signage presentation.

X-Series: Custom zones, layered content, robust scene scheduling, and easy tools for custom application development.

Products and Services

ST-100 Smart Terminal Player

Smart Terminals work alongside Exhibio's Enterprise server to deliver content to your digital signage displays. Each Smart Terminal is able to play a unique set of content. Each Enterprise server can centrally manage up to 250 Smart Terminals. Learn more »

M-400 Multimedia Player

The M-400 Multimedia Player lets users showcase a multimedia playlist on a full screen. Easily show video, pictures, RSS feeds, HTML, Flash, database integrated content and other forms of media on your displays, in a single-zone format. Learn more »

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