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The Exhibio® ST-100 is the first Enterprise Smart Terminal. Combined with an Exhibio Enterprise Server, it is designed to make delivering messages across a widespread digital signage platform easier than ever before. Each ST-100 connects to an Enterprise Server via the Internet or a LAN. The Server will then transmit instructions to the ST including schedule information and content updates. The ST-100 will then play scheduled scenes and playlists on all connected screens, including LCDs and plasma displays.

By deploying Smart Terminals throughout your network, you can produce targeted digital signs that captivate their audience. Each ST-100 can play a unique set of content, including signs that include text, images, HTML, RSS feeds, audio, video, live web pages, and live TV. 

Products and Services

X-800HD Digital Signage Engine

The X-800HD Digital Signage Engine enables you to create, integrate and schedule dynamic content for viewing on displays, such as plasma and LCD screens. It handles multiple zones and includes advanced scheduling capabilities. Learn more »

M-400 Multimedia Player

The M-400 Multimedia Player lets users showcase a multimedia playlist on a full screen. Easily show video, pictures, RSS feeds, HTML, Flash, database integrated content and other forms of media on your displays, in a single-zone format. Learn more »

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