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Exhibio’s Enterprise System is a large-scale digital signage platform designed for organizations with multiple physical locations and complex signage needs. The System is powered by the Enterprise Server, which runs Exhibio’s Digital Signage Management System (DSMS), integrated software with a web-based interface where users can design signs and schedule them to play on screens anywhere in the world.

The Enterprise System was engineered for easy deployment of digital signage into business and college campuses, retail chains and franchise locations. One Enterprise Server combined with remote Smart Terminals can produce hundreds of digital signs, each showing a unique set of content or sharing content with other screens on the System.

Products and Services

ST-200 Smart Terminal Player

Smart Terminals work alongside Exhibio's Enterprise server to deliver content to your digital signage displays. Each Smart Terminal is able to play a unique set of content. Each Enterprise server can centrally manage up to 250 Smart Terminals. Learn more »

X-900 Digital Signage Engine

The X-900 Digital Signage Engine enables you to create, integrate and schedule dynamic content for viewing on displays, such as plasma and LCD screens. It handles multiple zones and includes advanced scheduling capabilities. Learn more »

M-500 Multimedia Player

The M-500 Multimedia Player lets users showcase a multimedia playlist on a full screen. Easily show video, pictures, RSS feeds, HTML, Flash, database integrated content and other forms of media on your displays, in a single-zone format. Learn more »

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