Dynasign Online ServiceWith Dynasign Online Service, customers can immediately start building a small pilot media network using a simple self-starting web based platform while directly experiencing the advanced features for planning a larger or global media network implementation, such as flexible screen zoning, powerful customizable network hierarchy, user access control down to a single screen zone, interactive KIOSK, and many more. Dynasign's moderate pricing model and enterpise network features truly allow our customers to effectively manage the growth of their networks with a "THINK BIG, START SMALL" approach.

Dynasign feature highlights include Window XP based Dynasign Player , Web-based management console, flexible screen zoning, multiple content types, content templates, recurring schedule, playback reporting, advanced user access control, interactive content, RSS feeds, TV channel integration and more.

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Mini Dynasign Player System

Powered by Dynasign Online Service, the Mini Dynasign Player System offers a powerful plug and play solution for your digital signage projects. Learn more »

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