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Media PlayerOne of the smallest and most powerful digital signage appliances in the world is available from ComQi.

At a mere 15x15x5cms this is a truly tiny device packing a powerful media punch!

Its capabilities include playing HD video up to 1080p, Flash, graphics and DVI output for digital connection to a display panel.

When used with ComQi's market leading Remote Transfer software yet more options are unlocked including RSS feeds, multizone display and panel controls via RS232 control.

With the RP730's small size and weight it's a device that can be installed almost anywhere. It will fit neatly behind a display panel, discretely in a ceiling void or in located neatly in rack.

Combined with the unit's low power consumption and heat generation the RP730 is also friendly to the environment.

The RP730 from ComQi forms the backbone of a robust and scalable digital signage solution. Being a dedicated digital signage device designed to perform to the highest standards of operation 24/7 you can be certain that your content will always be showing!

For a demonstration of ComQii's powerful and flexible digital signage solutions please contact your nearest ComQi office which can be found at

Products and Services

EnGage™ Content Management System

ComQi’s EnGage™ Content Manager leverages a decade of development and deep, direct industry experience to deliver a sophisticated planning, distribution and management system for digital signage networks. Learn more »


ComQi’s Passport is a platform for interactive management between digital signage and mobile devices, which will generate revenue through two way mobile-to-screen marketing. Learn more »


ComQi’s delayMirror is a mirror-like solution that allows you to view yourself from the front, sides and back while shopping. It “reflects” an image back to the shopper with a 3 second delay so that you can see yourself in all angles. Learn more »

Audio Video Display System

The Audio Video Display System is a point-to-point or point-to-multi-point system used for the transmission of high quality audio and video over CAT5. Learn more »

Video Display System

The Video Display System for distribution of rich video content in real time and bi-directional RS232 control up to 110m/330ft from any type of player to multiple display devices. Learn more »

Content Management Software - Remote Transfer

RemoteTransfer™ isComQi's world-leading, state-of-the-art content management, scheduling and distribution system for out-of-home digital media applications. Internet based, RemoteTransfer™ is ultra-reliable, secure and scaleable and provides easy management of very large networks. Learn more »

ScreenGate IP Streamer

Compared with traditional approached to delivering content to digital signage screens, ScreenGate IP Streaming offers significant advantages. Learn more »

DS Vision Digital

DS Vision Digital is a powerful solution that distributes real-time digital non-compressed full HD content to multiple terminals and enables Remote Display Management with Proof–of-Performance. Learn more »


The ultimate in player-to-screen distribution and control. Learn more »

DS Video Wall

The ComQi DS Video Wall is a powerful solution for communicating, promoting, branding, messaging and ambiance. Learn more »

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